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Season after season the design duo at KTZ manage to come up with something to shock and wow us once again, and Spring/Summer 2014 was a highly anticipated event. The tones of Middle Eastern music filled the room and with it set off an atmosphere you would expect on an Arabian night out. Violence and disorder was a strong theme felt from the onset with a series of white outfits with religious and cultural symbolism opening the show. The models faces were covered and masked for most of the show, suggesting yet more religious connotations.

The words ‘terror’ and ‘poison’ appeared sporadically through the show on gladiator sandals and various garments. If that wasn’t unsettling enough a model in a baggy baseball tee also carried a large baseball bat, we really were kept on the edge of our seats. The collection soon diffused into a series of outfits using the world map as it’s inspiration. In a muted colour palette the print was sprawled over bomber jackets, carryall bags, and rucksacks delving into the adventure of travel.

Vibrant blue and red colour ways started to filter through towards the end with spiked hoods and draping fabrics remaining present. Bold prominent jewellery and accessories made a huge impact showing us a glimpse of what was to come. Spikes and orbs started to become more frequent and as soon as I spotted the spike-covered helmet and heard a chorus of ‘wow’ I wasn’t surprised that everyone reached for their phones to take a snap.

From start to finish an intriguing show that recognised the movement of culture and diversity within today’s society. A lot of questions remain unanswered and spectators will take away different messages from the collections meaning, but isn’t that what fashion is all about?

Words: Katie Handy-Beith| Fashion Week Press | @katiehandybeith

Images: Sol Jaureguibeitia | Fashion Week Photographer |@because_why

As part of the NEWGEN sponsorship Martine Rose was back for Spring/Summer 2014 to show us a collection from her second season in partnership with award winning brand Ligne Roset. Each season more designers are choosing static presentations at London Collections: Men and London Fashion Week alike, rather than a catwalk show and for Martine Rose with her great imagination and use of props they work in correlation.

Walking into the Martine Rose presentation at The Hospital Club, we were welcomed into a retro living/dining room as a fly on the wall for our duration. The atmosphere was theatrical and inticing with our main attention drawn to a large floral futon where the only model of the presentation kicked back and read past issues of The Sun. After being told to ‘interact’ as we entered the presentation, some onlookers joined the model to hang out of the futon, whereas others watched from afar.

Behind the living room set-up was the Spring/Summer 2014 look book that featured an almost identical living room. The collection was given a feminine edge with frilly socks and a tacky blonde wig, leaving us to question whether the model was in fact playing dress up. The series of images were scattered over the floor and stuck with masking tape on the wall. The masking tape was then used as inspiration on some of the t-shirts that made up a huge part of the collection. With an almost scrapbook feel to some of them and a humorous flash back to the supposed past with jumpers with Martine Rose A/W 90-91 written on.

Taking inspiration from the way individuals decorate spaces Martine Rose was inspired by curtain trimmings and used white lace throughout the collection. In some garments the use of lace was fairly subtle whereas on another it was so noticeable that the thought of a French maid sprung to mind. The colour palette was mainly monochrome with deep oxblood leather adding a punky vibe to the collection.

Words: Katie Handy-Beith| Fashion Week Press | @katiehandybeith

Images: Sebastian Mccluskey | Fashion Week Photographer | @mccluskey1


The well-travelled man will feel right at home in this London based brand. CHUCS Dive & Mountain Shop (31 Dover Street) takes leisurewear to a new, luxurious level from quality linen shirts to Italian-inspired printed board shorts.

CHUCS Shirts

Inspired by a childhood in the Caribbean and other afar destinations, Mr Charles Finch has built an exclusive name for top class travelling style. Introducing prints and vibrant colours into its new collection (thanks to new designer Eric Knight) the beachwear is given a more modern appeal. Ideally too, the swim shorts are designed to dry quickly - the perfect all-rounder piece.


And it would seem beach pyjamas are back in. Although classed as a 'casual' beachwear, CHUCS design makes them just as wearable during the day as well as their namesake, a must-have for the quintessential traveller. There's no forgetting the activewear too, all areas of the adventurous to relaxed globe-trotter are covered.


CHUCS are also branching out to scarves and womenswear so ladies, keep an eye out! The overall look has the air of older clientele, one where we can't help but picture Hugh Grant circa Bridget Jones, strolling along a Thai beach. Yep, we're happy with that.

Words: Bianca Matley | @BiancaMatley
Images: Latoya Kessie | @LA_Kes

Alexa Chung:  the fresh faced model turned TV presenter, all round style icon and fashion designer muse can now add another sparkling string to her best dressed bow with the eagerly anticipated release of her very own book.

Said not to be entirely autobiographical, the floppy fringed, dungaree wearing fashionista  revealed a while back:

"I'm writing, I'm drawing and I'm taking photographs. It's definitely not an autobiography, but it's me writing so in a way it probably will have that element."


Other than a sneak peek of the baby pink canvas coloured front cover, complete with her imprinted signature and a glittery thumbnail of the author's heavily made up eye, we don't know much about the inside of 'IT' just yet. Available for pre-order on Amazon but with a UK release date not until 5 September, their blurb conjures up a feel for what we can expect:

"A truly one-off collection of Alexa's personal writings, drawings and photographs, It covers everything from her thoughts on life, love and music to her favourite looks and how to decide what to wear in the morning...this gorgeously-designed full-colour book is a must-have for anyone who loves fashion, music and just about everything Alexa Chung."



'IT' is available to pre-order for £16.99 on Amazon.



This is what a winner looks like. Overwhelming pride bursting from the seams of her well-fitted, sleek tennis dress. Serena Williams took the number 1  spot at the French Open this weekend, defeating Maria Sharapova in the final 6-4, 6-4. This marks her second French Open win since 2002 and her 16th grand slam title—now she’s close behind Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert on her way to becoming one of the best women’s tennis players in sporting history. Outfitted by her sponsor, Nike, Williams raised the fashion bar and styled a variety of dresses and shorts throughout her matches at the competition.

Whilst tennis is revered for its charismatic players, the game also garners a lot of attention for its on-court style. The sporting apparel has come a long way since long sleeved shirts, conservative skirts for women and knee length shorts for men to fashionable mini-skirts and high-waist shorts. At the recently concluded French Open there was an eclectic mix of sports attire with not just splashes of colour but bold and striking pieces that will quite simply make a regular appearance in this Summers street style. Social changes and technology advances have meant that the clothing is able to transcend through history with their players. Sponsors such as Nike, Adidas, Head and Wilson are always striving to improve their textiles methods and use the highest quality materials. The trends on court have to be dynamic, to look professional as well as be practical. It is all about style and confidence as we witnessed watching the final on Saturday when Serena stepped out sporting her custom-wrap knit dress with Dri-FIT technology to keep her cool. The somewhat elegant dress was complemented by her bright orange bloomers and matching headscarf. This winning outfit caught everyone's attention as she raised her game and professional achievements.

To steal her style and get ready for Wimbledon this June visit your local sportswear store or visit sponsors websites to guess how they'll be styling their star players. Be it bold brights or classic whites with the latest cuts and colours you are sure to steal the game.