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You may remember miss Becky Hill from the Voice UK and her collaberation on Rudimental's banger "Powerless". Returning with a new image and heaps of attitude, Becky has teamed up with Little Simz for electronic-pop jam "Back To My Love".

These ladies (surprisingly) sound incredible together. Becky's soaring, husky vocals teamed with Simz laid-back yet insightful verse makes for a solid pop single.

Produced by Noah Breakfast (TY Dolla $ign, Ellie Goulding) we have a feeling "Back To My Love" will be blowing up radio stations in no time, and bound to be a summer anthem.

Listen below:

Words: Corrie Parris

Well this is awesome - the  XYconstant remix of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’, adding a bit of a tropical house twist to the original:

You may recognise XYcontstant as he blew up a little while back when he uploaded ‘Silverlined’ to his SoundCloud before going on holiday. On his return he came back to find out he was into the hype machine charts and had accrued a hella lot of fans!

We can see why. Take a listen above.

With Ellie Goulding’s dance influenced music and recent collaborations with Skrillex and Calvin Harris amongst others it was a natural fit for her and DJ Fresh to get in the studio together. The single is a punchy reworking of the version that appears on Ellie’s million-selling album Halcyon Days. With elements of electro, drum ‘n’ bass and pop, ‘Flashlight’ looks set to excite DJ Fresh and Ellie fans alike. The single precedes the brand new album from DJ Fresh which will arrive later in the year.

DJ Fresh has appeared at some of the biggest festivals in the UK and across the world is currently hosting a monthly Capital XTRA ‘Future of Dance’ residency. Having recently toured with Tinie Tempah and Steve Aoki, he has the following upcoming live dates with more dates in the pipeline for the autumn:

Wednesday, July 23rd Future Nightclub, Kavos, Greece
Wednesday, August 6th Future Nightclub, Kavos, Greece
Thursday, August 7th W.A.R.!, Majorca Rocks Hotel, Ibiza
Friday, August 8th W.A.R.!, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ibiza
Friday, August 15th Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium
Sunday, August 17th BCM Nightclub, Majorca, Spain
Wednesday, August 20th Future Nightclub, Kavos, Greece
Wednesday, September 3rd Future Nightclub, Kavos, Greece


This week that handy little app for music news - 02 Tracks, has formulated a nice and informative BRIT AWARDS information bullet for us all. With the likes of Rudimental and Ellie Goulding having confirmed performances, this year is set to be a brilliant one.

We've got some sneaky quotes from the artists; but you can download the podcast from the link below.

Rudimental BRIT hopeful No. 1 'Waiting All Night' was finished of in a hotel room in Glasgow. "Influenced by festival vibe, being out on the road, on tour. We were looking for he right vocalist and when we found Ella it was the perfect match, she made it sound beautiful and sexy. We've always said that the fans and the crowd played a huge part in 'Waiting All Night' - We used the live audio from one of our gigs on there so you might hear yourself." "You can imagine being at a festival and you've lost all your mates, your fav song comes on and suddenly you're at home with your hands in the air."

Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris sizzle in 'Need Your Love. "He's gotten really good looking! He's spent a lot of time in LA, got a tan, buffed out. He eats really well, he loves an omlette!" "Normally it's just really raunchy and sexy but with Calvin and me in this video, it's like real love - affectionate, touchy, huggy. He's silly and funny and we take the mickey out of each other. If we'd licked each other suddenly that would "

John Newman Best British Single / Best British Solo Artist "The BRITS is like Glasto, that's your live, BRITs is your recorded stuff. If I get it for a year of hard work, it'd be lovely, but I'm enjoying my life, I don't need to win the BRITS. I've had a brilliant year as it is."

Readers can text ‘Tracks’ to 61202 to get the app - www.o2.co.uk/tracks

Ellie Goulding style

Whether it be a whirlwind of 48 hours promo in the UK or a long haul flight to the Far East this international popstar always looks impeccable and we’d love to know her secrets.

Currently training for the Washington DC half marathon means Ellie Goulding is continuously switching between sportswear, comfies and glamorous gowns to get to all of her latest events as well as maintain her gruelling and intense training. In a recent interview with Fabulous Magazine the Herefordshire-born star talked about growing up, her rebellious streaks and how she has finally made it to a state of mind where she is completely happy within herself. So what’s her secret?

Looking good and feeling good run parallel as guidance to happiness. But let us not forget, we are women, and we will always have that little thing that niggles at our self-esteem. For now let us focus on getting our clothes to show of our best assets . Ellie’s body rollercoaster from size 12 to 8 has seen her squeeze into and slip out of some beautiful outfits. Now she feels 100% happy knowing that those family inherited wobbly bits may well never go but she will get around them and look as sassy as ever.

“I wear a lot of high-waisted stuff to hide it”(her midriff)  she admits. Leather-look shorts and baggy flowing blouses are some of Ellie’s staple pieces. When she’s not performing or training the comfortable look settles in with beanie hats, statement tees and leggings becoming the key pieces for the petite performer.

With her new campaigns for Nike in the making you can’t help but feel inspired to get going and become besties with the gym. On average Ellie may spend less than 3 weeks at home in a year and yet she still discovers the desire to better herself. So find yourself some skin tight jog pants, an insanely talented playlist for you ipod and bust some moves out whilst running on the treadmill!

Revealing that the only two things that our Goulden girl really wouldn’t like to be without is a cup of tea and a run only tells us how down to earth this songstress is. Having once lent her some red MAC lippy and my rose blusher I can only confirm that Miss Goulding is happy with the simple things in life and expense really is not a necessity for her, if anything it’s a hindrance. Admitting she still finds it hard to believe she is on the property ladder, Ellie is new to the fame and fortune but clearly has no intentions of changing her ways. Now in the most successful period of her career with the release of her second album Halcyon, last Autumn selling just short of 1 million copies, Ellie is preparing for a series of gigs currently taking place leading up to the marathon.

Achieving her personal best for the run will be a chapter complete in Ellie’s personal journey and we know she cannot wait to feel the success. Wishing her the best of luck! Follow Ellie’s progress on her training on Facebook or Twitter.

Sarah Chetwynellie goulding style