Mumford & Sons and a quiet, make up less Laura Marling stole the show last night at the 2011 Brit Awards.

Not perturbed by the cringeworthy priceless ad breaks ( Eliza Doolittle we don't care about your smelly trainers ) last night we settled down to take in the Brit Awards. The show, that this year has caused a bit of a stir with suggestions of winners being fixed as the awards scrabbled to become more 'alternative' and 'about the music' something presenter James Corden reminded us of continually throughout the night along with the fact that he is waning a little in the presentation skills stakes.

It is strange then whilst Mumford & Sons came to the stage, Adele blew us away with her massive lungs and Tinie Tempah did a blinding set that  Ellie Goulding, pitted to be a winner won nothing and that Justin Beeber stood on stage not particularly bothered by any of it and was handed the International Breakthrough Act Award. So unbothered by it was he that he pretty much gave it, in front of everyone to his ginger international tour manager (the equivalent of a secretary to Mr Beeber), Mike.

Other winners include Jack cover star Tinie Tempah, justified in winning the British Single and British Breakthrough award, Arcade Fire (they really are rolling out the alternative boat here, don't get scared guys) taking home the International Group and International Album Awards and Rihanna snapping up International Female Solo Artist, all outcomes which we are very pleased with.

Less pleased are we with Ce Lo Green, someone whose short stubby rather choad appearance we haven't been able to get away from for months and who looks quite simply a bit scary and belts out a ton of fictitious songs about people leaving him and him hating them. Although the general nominations weren't all that inspiring our vote would have been with Eminem.

Finally another person who was a bit disappointed at the outcomes was Ellie Goulding who turned to Twitter after she realised her hope of a Brit this year had been dashed gushing, 'I am just so sorry (sad face)' and saying that she felt as though she had let everyone down. We reckon though she might have felt more like she had had one too many wines, hopefully the lovely Greg James was there to comfort her as, after all sorts of music stations got in in the past couple of weeks trying to get her to give quotes for if she won and being the bookies choice, it must have been a bit of a let down.