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Calling all freelancers, hustlers, money makers and promotional warriors! Now is your time! We’ve just heard on the grapevine that a new website aimed at matching freelancers and small creative agencies with brands and companies is about to launch. PromoILO is it's name and we've heard it's taking on new freelancers ahead of a massive influx of new business.

The freelancing world can be tough, for the time you spend hunting down new clients, chasing down payments and setting up relationships you could have probably serviced an extra 5 people with wonderful work! We figure anything that makes it a little easier to find those sometimes elusive clients and jobs is relevant but something that makes it a WHOLE lot easier? Well…that’s something. But how about something that gives you $50 for the pleasure AND doesn’t take a commission on the work you pick up?

We’ll just give you a minute to pick up your jaw there… This is what it looks like-

Similar to other creative freelance websites like The Dots or Peopleperhour or YunoJuno it matches freelancers, mostly in the marketing and promotional fields with companies ready to spend the big bucks.

PromoILO however, is different in the sense that it’s linked directly to something called the ILO Exchange which means a lot of companies looking to promote their ILOs quickly and brilliantly. They are so certain of the amount of work available from this channel they are even committing to gifts of $50 for anyone that’s not got a job in the first three months after joining.

An ILO might be another concept you’re not yet aware of so to put it in a nutshell, it’s like a license that a company sells to up their awareness, raise capital and offer loyal customers royalty paybacks A proportion of any money raised through selling ILOs has to be spent on marketing and promotion, that’s the deal. And the site they come to to spend that money? PromoILO. So now you see the connection. Baring in mind an ILO can be for anything, products, companies, channels and more, there is a whole suite of marketing and promotional skills needed to push these companies and their products forward and that’s where you come in.

These ILO’s and PromoILO are all on the brink of launching with a wide-reaching and large collective of companies all in the wings ready to go. Each has a specific budget nibbed off to spend on promotion and marketing which my friends, is exactly why you want to get your little bottoms signed up there and signed up fast.

Shortly, we're told PromoILO will become a private platform making it far harder to join and meaning it will become a little black book of wonderful people like yourselves specifically put forward to ILO companies. You want your name in that book.

So – take advantage now and sign up whilst the doors are wide open. If you’re a marketer, copywriter, videographer, photographer, social expert, promotions strategist, PR, or any of the grey areas in between go take a look and go put your hat in the ring.

Find PromoILO’s $50 offer Ts & Cs here.


ContainerVille, a new initiative for London’s start-ups has been launched today by The Estate Office Shoreditch. It all sounds pretty good, the concept being to attract dynamic young creatives in search of affordable work space in which to grow their entrepreneurial businesses. Yes, London start-ups and creatives are in desperate need of affordable workspace but at £1200 a month we don't think that's massively affordable when you can get a room in a flat for £600 at a push. Also don't forget the business rates which are a further £120 a month on top.

If you have a bit of budget these  might be a good plan for you as you grow. But they aren't true start up units really at that price.

The offering is made up of 30 converted storage containers on the south bank of Regent’s Canal, the site will be managed but the containers will offer a great deal of flexibility for their tenants.

Over the past weeks the containers have undergone a total fit out and emerge transformed into fully functioning spaces for up to five people per container. The individual desk spaces are more affordable at £320pp per month but considering this is just a desk this is no cheaper than other central London options when it comes to desk space.

Nevertheless, ContainerVille aims to create a dynamic hub of start-ups and small businesses, increasing opportunity for growth in a community of like-minded creatives working in proximity to one another.  The landscaping around the containers is also geared to promote collaborative working and integration, with shared outdoor areas overlooking the canal.

The Estate Office Shoreditch hope to inspire future tenants with their historically rich canal-side location, where the technology of the industrial revolution will stand alongside the technology, design and digital firms likely to occupy the space. Further to the peace and tranquillity inspired by close proximity to the canal, Victoria Park, Broadway Market and London Fields are also within throwing distance, ensuring that tenants are well-connected and within easy reach of The City and West End.

The Estate Office Shoreditch is a family business who have owned and managed much of the land in and around Shoreditch since the mid 60’s. Phil Bouette, Development Manager at The Estate Office commented: “We are really excited about this new venture; we take a long-term view of property ownership and believe in offering flexibility to our tenants, whether they are longstanding establishments or fresh fast growth firms. We look forward to welcoming our first tenants in the next few weeks.”