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Want to see Courtney Love actually doing something musical rather than looking drugged up or overly skinny then you can watch this video of her performing 99 Problems at the Star Bar during Sundance. Park City

It's not that great quality but it's not bad and it's nice for something to be banded around that's not her simply looking a state.

What do you think? Do you think that Courtney does a rather good rendition or do you think it's a bit shit?

We still prefer Hugo's version though.

It's surprising really that it has taken three decades for Courtney Love’s debut fashion line to be released but it’s finally happened for her, she has jumped on the celebrity-designer bandwagon.  The idea for the label was created in 2008 but it has taken Love several years to get a license secured for the collection, giving her plenty of time to perfect it.

The collection named ‘Never the Bride’ is unique much like Love herself.  The materials used include items from Love’s wardrobe picked up from Paramount Pictures in the eighties and garments dating back to Victorian and Edwardian times.  All these vintage materials have been reworked to create her first ever collection. Not going into mass production in Topshop any time soon then...

Love herself has started featuring her collection via social media, with Chloe Noorgard, the next multi-coloured hair model peaking interest after Charlotte Free showcasing the lookbook.  It's rumoured the collection will be released on Net-a-Porter “soon”, but we want to know what you think?  Take a look and try not to have your heart set on a particular piece until prices are released!


Sometimes naked pictures get leaked online. It is very much the curse of the camera phone and the laptop photobooth option and although we know that all celebrities have private lives we also know that they should be far more aware of who they send their pictures too and aware of how much we as fans might want to see of their bodies.

As it emerges that the recent laptop stealing, private photo sharing scandal regarding Justin Bieber was a fake arranged by PRs to promote his latest album we take a look back at some of the most 'fail' naked artist pictures. Some leaked, some sent out proudly.

Katy perry eating pizza naked

Guess whooo - oh it's only Katy Perry naked in the bath with some pizza. Personally when we eat in the bath we get too hot, we also wouldn't balance the pizza on the tray like that, it clearly isn't safe.


It's usually the pictures of naked ladies that get leaked and usually they have taken their own pictures in the first place, not this time. This time it's recording artist Wande Coal and he has been caught asleep and naked and it's gone up on Twitter. If you want to see the unedited version it's here.

Lady Gaga Naked

This beauty, with some questionable beige pants on is of course Lady Gaga. Totally self posted and totally there for some extra attention, Gaga was certain that we'd all be ecstatic to see her semi nude. Thanks.


Courtney Love then followed suit, again in a chair, again we're not sure what underwear she has on and again, thanks for sharing.


This is Bow Wow lying, seemingly naked on top of another man....This came from a hacked account and was then shared with the Twitter community.

Mcfly like getting naked and sharing. Look at the excitement on that face.

danny Mcfly naked

Dappy likes to get naked and drink orange juice. This picture was happily shared with his fans and goes down a lot further than we have shown. If you want to see the full image (with, we are certain a little help from photoshop) then you can find it here.


Kesha proves that she likes to be naked whilst her staff are around her when she Tweeted this from backstage at the VMA's. "J ust naked brushing my teeth pre VMA," .

Kesha naked



And back to Justin. The supposedly stolen 'nude' picture that was taken from him is above. Concerning really that a photographer probably actually took it, but not half as concerning as the previous semi naked picture of Justin that was already out and about where he looks like a girl who's brown clothes have shrunk in the wash :


What fans were probably hoping to see however was something like this :

And finally if you want to see Emma Watson naked on the toilet which is kind of irrelevant to the piece but just something funny we came across then you can see it here.

justin Beiber bondage

Courtney Love loves a good old rant and this time it's all directed and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl.

Courtney says, 'I Own Nirvana' following a bit of a melt down after her appearance at Brazilian Festival.

After storming off stage because a fan held up a picture of late husband, Kurt Cobain she only returned after her entourage got the crowd chanting 'The Foo Fighter Are Gay'....OK.

She then told the audience: 'I don't care what you listen to at home, but if a guy takes off money off my kid's table, fuck him.' The hole singer continued to slate the drummer in an interview after the gig backstage saying, that he 'didn't write one fucking note'.

Where do I begin? Each season Meadham Kirchhoff create immaculately styled looks presented against the backdrop of innovative set design which absolutely kills it.

This season was no exception - the show wowed and surprised the audience from start to finish. On arrival all looked pretty low key by the designer's usual standards - arches constructed out of pastel balloons, the spice girls playing on the stereo and goody bags filled with novelties. It all pointed to a saccarine kid's party but there was no way anyone could have predicted what was to come.

Hole roared on to the stereo and out popped a troupe of Courtney Love-alikes wearing grungey silk outfits and welding powder puffs suggestively. This was followed by the first round of models which the Love-alikes danced wildly around, pulling up their own skirts comically. Then, another troupe, this time of adorable ballerina girls, and the piece de resistance - the curtains at the back of the stage opening to reveal the biggest birthday cake ever with models atop. The show came to a close with the Love-alikes gatecrashing the catwalk for a final knees up. It was mind blowingly good.

The collection titled, 'A wolf in lamb's clothing' channelled the nostalgic sense of childhood alongside the weird, messy world of trashy pop culture.  The looks had elements of Marie Antoinette, grunge, a little girl's dress up box and a dose of showgirl. Opening with pinafore dresses covered in teddy bear designs, buttoned up dresses layered over checked shirts, styled with thigh high stocking or socks in bright sugary colour.

The eclectic looks continued to come thick and fast - big bird like fur jackets, dresses and stools in an array of pastel hues, lasor cut skirts and dresses teamed with paint splattered hair and teddy bear bags. White dresses styled against bright tights and trashy neon bra straps peeping through. Peroxide blonde wigs, stunning structured bodies and tulip skirted dresses - either layered over lace or paired with long Red Riding Hood style capes.

There was so just so very much to take in visually, but it was a fluid presentation - a skill Meadham Kirchhoff keep perfecting with each season.

I loved it. For me, this is what fashion should always, absolutely be about. Every element - the clothes, the set design, the sound track painstakingly perfected to create an exciting fantasy world for the audience. Meadham Kirchhoff consistently create strong enough collections to just send down the catwalk on their own, but why on earth stop there? And thank goodness they choose not to.

I am pretty sure this will be up there again as show of the season and some of that infectious Love-alikes spirit will infuse us all come Spring 2012.

'M K forever' written in big, beautiful pastel balloons.

Faye Héran

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