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Clio Peppiatt's presentations are always a highlight of fashion week, creating fun and whimsical collections that have an undertone of fierce femininity running through them. Climbing up the famously narrow spiral staircase at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, we were presented with this season's Pepiatt women, draping themselves on chairs around a laden table while harp music played.

Seduction through decadence was the name of the game. Vibrant colours highlighted opulent glittering detailing and intricate lacework, all set against the indulgent food on the table and being touted on trays by models. Rich reds and daring pinks formed the basis of many designs, tapping into the femme fatale influence behind the collection, which were then tempered with darker, deeper indigos and blacks.

Inspired by seductive modern-day witch in Anna Biller's film 'The Love Witch', the mystical was scattered across the scene, causing the models, who were playfully chatting and giggling, to exude a a sense of underlying power. Tarot cards lay around the table and manifested themselves as delicate embellished designs on bags and jackets. Pink eyeshadow that crept down to blushing cheeks added to the effect, creating a subtle but sure connections between each woman.

The clothes themselves covered all bases; there were styles for every kind of style. Unapologetically sensual red, pink and black lingerie, barely covered by lace-edges sheer dresses, made direct eye contact with the audience, while more conservative ruffled jumpers and floating skirts toyed coquettishly with bag straps and table decorations.

Peppiatt has once again brought together her collection in a perfectly balanced way. It was hard not to be drawn in by the stylised scene, charmed by the food, the clothes and the sultry, mystical power of the women who were wearing them. Whether you want to make like Biller's protagonist and show your fierce femininity through enticing design, or prefer to delve into your darker side with a more nuanced style, we love the vision of woman that come through in her clothes each season; the ideal mix of strong, sexy and slightly supernatural.


Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts_

Checking-in at 'Motel Clio' was a somewhat raucous affair… which perhaps should have been expected from a designer already known for her tongue-in-cheek approach to collections. Rather than opting for the standard po-faced pout, models posed seductively, sipped on cocktails and even partied along to a soundtrack that included TLC’s Creep and Notorious B.I.G.’s Mo Money Mo Problems. However, had they all stood stock-still and barely blinked, their outfits still would have been shouting for attention.

ClioPeppiatt_AW16_010 ClioPeppiatt_AW16_001

As crowds entered The Hub, just off Marshall Street, they were initially met by a 'lobby girl', dressed in a forest green uniform with gold buttons and a jaunty pastel pink pillbox hat that lit up. Stood next to a makeshift motel check-in desk, complete with key rack and marble-esque counter, and holding a tray filled with Lily Vanilli cupcakes topped with glitter covered cherries, she offered quite the introduction to Clio Peppiatt’s AW 2016 collection.

Inspired by films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Shining and American Horror Story: Hotel, the backdrop was filled with kitsch features and quirky props. Models lay back over a pale blue sofa, hands on hips, slithers of thigh on show. Others leant against a faux fireplace, bordered by a gold floor lamp and ceramic leopard. One group danced and gossiped next to a ‘Motel Clio’ dressing table sat upon a pastel blue faux fur rug, while another nonchalantly sat on a white coffee table alongside a gold candelabra with pale pink candles.

ClioPeppiatt_AW16_002 ClioPeppiatt_AW16_009

Despite the aesthetically-exciting environment, thankfully, the clothes did steal the show. Peppiatt’s bold illustrations adorned the likes of a Linton tweed two-piece, silk pyjama suit and black roll-neck jumper; varying between pink scorpions surrounded by flower stalks, to slogans such as ‘If Looks Could Kill’ and ‘Do Not Disturb’. Keys, matches and retro-inspired matchbooks were most commonplace, scattered across ruffle-hem skirts, cropped trousers and cami vests. While a giant, roaring polar bear design entirely made out of sequins covered a ‘v’ neck slip dress; an ideal party season number for extroverts.

ClioPeppiatt_AW16_005 ClioPeppiatt_AW16_006

The extravagance didn’t stop at whimsical appliqués and a smattering of sequins though. Coats were a major focus, alongside a full length mohair-esque pastel pink number, cobalt blue faux fur made an appearance on an embroidered evening coat, as a trim for a black leather trench and in a knee-length patchwork design. A dark green quilted fabric was used on both a bomber and smoking jacket, while the overall collection show-stopper was a sheer black top with two well-positioned embellished hearts.


Outfits like these needed as equally as impactful accessories, and with a little help from Tatty Devine, milliner Francesco Ballestrazzi and Streetzie's, they were delivered. Oh-so-cute mini suitcases were covered in Peppiatt’s designs, chic berets and cute eye masks had the ‘Clio-edge’, while the shoes were nothing short of divine. Slip-on pastel and black peep toes featured toy-like rabbit and kitten faces, complete with plastic eyes, which were styled with net socks and tights, some featuring metal eyelets.


Motels can provide the perfect escape, a destination for reinvention; somewhere to explore sides of the personality that perhaps don’t normally see the harsh light of day...and Peppiatt aimed to explore these realities and new identities with this slightly seedy yet beautifully stylised presentation. Her new collection is ideal for those wishing to perhaps find their wilder side and express it through a fun-filled winter wardrobe.

Words: Helen Lovett | Fashion Week Press | @mustardyellowshoes
Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Photographer | @amiecharlot

Momentarily blinded by the flashing lights outside the On|Off space at The Vinyl Factory, I thought I’d somehow stumbled through a time portal in the doorway when my eyes focussed again on Clio Peppiatt’s presentation.

party dresseswjlondon_LFW_SS16_eloisepeachey_12

Inviting us to ‘kiss the future’, her models posed in futuristic living rooms, complete with television sets, glowing cube chairs and foil curtains. Whether languishing across furniture or stood together in defiant stances, the audience could tell straight away that these girls meant business.


Spaceships and planets were printed, embroidered and embossed upon the fabrics, which ranged from leather to faux fur. Once again, pink was abound; this time in the form of metallic bralets, sexy evening dresses and furry jackets. Hearts and cats fully completed the fun, girly vibe of the room, adorned on accessories. The models’ feet even were robed in nude calf-length pop socks, decorated in silver stars, perhaps putting them back on the fashion radar after being confined to shoe shop floors for several decades.


Yet not only aesthetically pleasing, these clothes also provided function. The designer’s favourite was a jacket which can charge a phone - considering the catfights for plugs in the press lounge, this will almost certainly be a firm favourite with the LFW crowd for next season’s shows.

Speaking to Clio, she explained that she was inspired by the lack of empowered women in video games, leading her to create her own cast of kick-ass, beautifully clothed females. And where better to set them than her favourite sci-fi show set?


Clio’s view of the future is ultimately one of girl power, combining femininity with fierce independence.


Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Eloise Peachey | Fashion Week Press | @eloisepeachey