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wishbone Chicken in Brixton

If you ever needed a reason to go to Brixton or to eat chicken Wishbone is it.

Adding itself to Brixton Market along with a whole other gaggle of great foodie openings in 2012 the chicken restaurant takes all the best parts out of dirty friend chicken and makes it more guilt free and less chip shop fodder.

Wishbone, opened by William Leigh and Meatliquor’s Scott Collins is the UK’s first free-range fried chicken restaurant, the result of four years’ global research into fried chicken techniques and recipes.

The interior is basic and the food is affordable, the taste however is anything but basic. Once you’ve had chicken here you won’t look back.

Unit 12, Coldharbour Lane

020 7274 0939

chickenshop1The Soho House Group has announced plans to open a new Chicken Shop in Kentish Town.

Although this will be very much like the kind of chicken shop we expect from Kentish town road in the sense that rotisseries chicken will be on offer as well as other chicken based treats this chicken will be free range and part of the gourmet fast food movement we spoke about last week.

The chicken on offer in the Chicken Shop will be flown in from Norfolk’s Banham farm, and then marinated overnight in a special recipe and steamed to lock in flavour and keep the meat succulent before being put on a rotisserie.

The first Chicken Shop from Soho House will open on the 20th August selling  rotisserie free-range chicken, quartered, halved or whole next door to Pizza East.

This is yet another in the multiple openings of speciality chicken offerings in London including Mark Hix’s new Tramshed restaurant and Cass Titcombe’s Roost.

The restaurant will be styled to mimic a 1950′s American general store and will seat 40 people with takeaway available too.

The Chicken Shop, 53-79 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 1TL