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If you have to get on the Central Line for your morning commute you’ve probably not had the best start to the day. Signal failures across the line have resulted in long delays and a lot of angry commuters.

The problem started at Mile End with a signal failure and the problems stretched along the entire line, according to the Evening Standard.

A spokesman for Transport for London (TfL) told the paper: "There is a signal failure in Mile End, but we cannot find it at the moment. The line's been running with severe delays, and we are now looking at shutting it for a short time.

"We would strongly advise that if passengers can take an alternative route, that would be best."

TfL has since tweeted that the Central Line would be shut between Leytonstone and Liverpool Street from 9.30am to fix the problem.

Prang Out Central Line-1We bet some mornings on the tube you would just like to be invisible. Although the technology for this is a still a little way off we have found the next best thing. We are not totally sure of the origin of this image so if anyone has any thoughts on that it would be great to know where one can get such a garment from.

In the mean time just know that out there somewhere is this person, with this T-shirt, blending into the tube seats seamlessly and travelling without gropes and looks and such like.

Clever stuffs.

EDIT : This T-shirt is being developed for  the TFL shop  (hopefully) and was made by Prang Out, find the designer on Facebook here.


3thingsIf you're as nosey as us then you're going to love new website This Is Now which live streams every Instagram photo taken in major cities around the world as they're posted. (Here)

Another day. Another morning of misery for Central Line commuters. The line was suspended between Liverpool Street and Leytonstone following signal failure. It looks like the line is back up and running again but it still has severe delays. (Here)

We've only just gotten over the Shard's disappointing inauguration and another controversial skyscraper could already be in the works. This time it will use algae and the heat generated from the Underground to function. (Here)

We've known it's coming for five years now and yet it seems that London's transport network still isn't ready to take on the burden of thousands of people descending on the capital for the Olympic Games.

With just three days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games we're really beginning to wonder if London's tube, overground and buses are really equipped to pull off the increased demand on their services.

Over the last few weeks we've seen a number of tube delays and suspensions, nothing new there we know but with such little time before the start of the event you think they'd be upping their game.

Just yesterday thousands of people were stranded due to issues on the Central Line after a track fault at St Paul's left the line part suspended for most of the evening. The delays meant that many narrowly missed out on attending the rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony.

Meanwhile today London Overground is part suspended between Euston and Kilburn High Road causing yet more delays leading us to wonder if London is really ready? And if it's not what does it mean for those who attending the Olympics and more importantly those who just want to go about their day-to-day lives? Guess we'll find out in the days ahead...

things to know todayI'm sure we've all seen the rod works and the street cleaning going on. And those pretty annoying adverts on the tube that remind us of our mum pestering us to clean up our room. Well it's only a matter of time now until those clean ups need to be finished. The extent London boroughs are putting in to get themselves looking good for the Olympics is revealed. (Here)

Bus drivers in London are often not the friendliest bunch they don't wait for you to get a ticket from the ticket machine and they certainly have no sympathy for a flat Oyster Card and now they don't even want to drive us anywhere. London's bus drivers continue to be difficult ahead of Friday's planned strikes. (Here)

More travel issues and this time it's the tube, as usual making our commutes to work a misery. Another Monday morning, another miserable morning on the Central line. (Here)