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Carnaby London college of fashion pop upLike to be on the forefront of trend and fashion in London? Then how about visiting the new Carnaby pop up which includes some rising stars of the fashion world from London College of Fashion.

The new fashion pop up features the two winners of the Shaftesbury Award for Emerging Designers: Stephanie Hensley and Zoran Dobric, graduates of the world famous London College of Fashion. The project creates an amazing and rare opportunity to view and buy exclusive Master of Arts Degree collections by up and coming designers and runs 6–21 July 2013 at Unit 1.16 Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street.

Stephanie Hensley is a women’s shoe designer, who will showcase her collection, Made in China: Longevity Series - an assortment of high quality luxury footwear, inspired by her travels in China, which contradicts the international stigma of ‘Made in China’ which has become synonymous with poor quality and cheap cost.

The name of this collection hints at the second important contrast: life versus death. Stephanie depicts the contrast in the colour palette as well as the symbols used in the embroidery.  The finely crafted collection encapsulates Chinese symbolism and the contrast of perceptions around the world.  The highly feminine and elaborate collection references and modernizes historical Chinese processes, shapes, and imagery, as well as utilising unconventional materials rarely used in footwear.  Stephanie’s celebrity clientele include Lady Gaga and Estelle Rubio. The collection is made to order and prices are available upon request.

London college of fashion

Zoran Dobric is an exciting womenswear designer whose collection is based on research of Canadian West Coast Aboriginals, particularly their embellished Ceremonial Dancing Blankets. The culturally inspired exclusive original textiles come to life in the innovative and original, easily wearable silhouettes, reflecting the soft shape of the blankets.

The collection also features exclusive digital prints developed by Dobric, inspired by geometrically cryptic Canadian Northwest coast art. The items exhibit a high level of craftsmanship and feature hand quilting, beading and appliqué reinterpreted for the modern era. Several of the exclusive pieces are painstakingly hand painted by Dobric. His unique and timeless collection, offers women individualistic and creative expression as Eastern aesthetics and Western couture techniques converge. Prices range from £150 to £600.

Carnaby is at the forefront of new talent in fashion, nurturing fresh designers and encouraging independent brands.  Carnaby has worked with London College of Fashion for over five years and has long been a London fashion hub.


After a seriously stressful Monday we are pretty much set up in Carnaby St, 63 Broadwick St to be precise. 8 hours of spraying, sticking glueing and aligning and the place is looking rather good - the art however is looking brilliant.

Last night artists and friends popped down to check the place out before we open our doors today (11.30am). Come and check out some of the art on show, we also have some amazing tennis ball cakes by the Evil Cake Shop for any mid afternoon work snacks (£5).

This Thursday we will be auctioning off the tennis ball art for a great cause, the Greenhouse Charity who help disadvantaged young people find all sorts of skills through sport.

From 7pm we will be having a few free drinks, some cake and ice cream and doing some silent bidding. Come down and get involved. You can find the Facebook event here.

Police carnaby streetAll those police didn't leave empty handed in Carnaby yesterday. 57 G8 protesters were arrested and now they have vowed more protests in the weeks to come.

All the officers out in force yesterday were around the central area with particular concentration on the back of Carnaby Street where they forced their way into a building occupied by protesters.

Police wore climbing gear and secured the roof of the former police site in Beak Street, whilst in Piccadilly there was a stand-off between protesters and police with officers blocking access to Fortnum & Mason.

We can expect more mayhem in central this week as protesters say they will be planning more action.

Speaking at the Whitechapel squat one activist – who refused to be named - said: “We have some people staying here tonight and we are getting ready for more action as the week goes on.

Meanwhile another protester, Dirk, a German who lives in London, said: “We were badly hit by the police raid this morning.

“We had planned to hold an all-day peaceful carnival to show our opposition to the G8 summit but when police arrived this morning they literally took everything.

“We have no banners and no speakers – but we hope to reorganise for action later this week”.

Multiple reports have been coming in about a police stand off with a protest in Carnaby Street.

Heavy police have been reported along with dogs, vans, and a chopper. The protest is that of a G8 one and it seems to be causing a fair amount of bother in Central London. The protests are anti-capitalist.

It seems that all day long there has been a massive concern over the protest as hundreds of police lined beak street and the surrounding area.

The major action seems to be due to a large group of people squatting in a former police station. Stop and searches and more going on.

More news soon.