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Having amassed over 170,000 plays, and a Hype Machine Number 1 to date with her first ever release ‘Bad Love’, Caitlyn Scarlett returns on Halloween, with the powerful and bass heavy ‘War Cry’. Expertly produced by Ayo Beatz, and written by Scarlett herself, ‘War Cry’ is Caitlyn’s come back to ‘Bad Love’; a way in which to prove to her audience that she has returned and is here to stay.

Unveiled in the lead up to the release of her second EP in 2015, ‘War Cry’ promises to be on repeat. Released on Halloween, the track speaks of ‘dinosaurs and carnivores….coming for ya.’ Caitlyn’s ability to conjure vivid imagery through her wildly imaginative lyricism is hard to ignore; she brings childhood fears to life.

You may recognize the name Caitlyn Scarlett; she was stuck at the top of the Hype Machine charts for a good week, with her debut release 'Bad Love', which has had over 180,000 plays. No small deal then!?

Caitlyn released her debut EP 'Jurassic Jukebox & Other Drugs' earlier this year, and 'Sunset Cigarette' is taken from this project. A much more acoustic sound than she is known for, the track is one of indulgence; with Caitlyn talking on a past memory, a past friendship, and new discoveries.

This video is a nod towards a dose of new material from Scarlett which is rumoured for release later this year.

Watch the video above.

Newcomer female vocalist Caitlyn Scarlett hit the scene hard with a big, bad, dose of bass in her debut single ‘Bad Love’, which has amassed 100,000 plays to date, as well as premiering on Rinse FM.

Now she gifts us her debut EP, premiered exclusively via Hunger Magazine. ‘Jurassic Jukebox & Other Drugs’ sees Caitlyn exposing her inner rock chick, as well as bringing us some more bass-led tracks, which her frankly outstanding vocal range perfectly complements.

Working with Ayo Beatz in the studio, Caitlyn has created an incredibly strong debut record, and we’re sure there will be a lot more of her to see throughout 2014.
Part of Space Age Crew, which includes other members such as Little Simz, Caitlyn is part of a new teen movement of extreme musical talent.

Stay Tuned.

Caitlyn Scarlett is just 18 years of age, and is taking the music world by storm. Her debut track 'Bad Love', has amassed over 80,000 plays online in 2 weeks, and is sitting comfortably at No.1 on Hypemachine. Coming from seemingly nowhere, this young starlet is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and we wanted a quickie with her... we just had to have one!

caitlyn scarlett

Hey Caitlyn - how are you today?

Hello there, I’m great thanks.

What did you eat for breakfast?

Chocolate chip Wheatabix -breakfast of champions!

Your hair is ace, as is your style - where do you shop?

Thank you! Mainly ebay and charity shops actually.

Bad Love is going absolutely mental online. Did you expect this?

No it’s crazy! I always had faith in the song but I could never have imagined the kind of reaction it’s had! I’m so amazed and grateful.

What's something noone would know about you?

Up until I was about 11, I genuinely believed I was part vampire haha.

Your EP comes out on Tuesday - what can we expect? Is there more dub-bass?

It does indeed. Um, not exactly. The material isn’t all similar to Bad Love, it’s a wild mix of loads of different genres. But I promise it’ll be cool.

We are Whos Jack Magazine - do you have a special Jack in your life?

I actually don’t, I guess you could say I have ‘Jack all” Jacks in my life haha! ..That was cheesy.


Take a listen to 'Bad Love' by Caitlyn Scarlett below, and keep an eye out for her debut EP 'Jurassic Jukebox and Other Drugs', which drops on April 29th!