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SorbetFor fashion fans the lead up to February goes something like this. Organise outfit changes? Check. Get the best seats to the most-talked about shows? Check. Get thin in time for London Fashion Week? GAHHH!!

Don’t worry ladies, now you can have your dessert and lick it too, with award-winning gelateria Black Vanilla’s zero fat sorbettos. Drawing thin-spiration from the Hollywood hotties and fabulous fashionistas that grace the front rows, Black Vanilla’s five-strong range of LFW Skinny Sorbettos take their names from some of the leanest ladies in the business. And, coming in at just 80 calories a serving, they’re the perfect post-salad treat to keep you on that pre-show weight loss wagon without skimping on taste.

Made with the best raw ingredients money can buy Nickie Richie’s Raspberry is a sorbetto bursting with sweetness and plenty of sass. Or why not try Lohan’s Lemon? A refreshing blend made with the best Sicilian lemons and without artifice (unlike its namesake). Up next is the BB (Blueberry Beckham) – packing a serious flavour punch this will wipe the pout off even the most serious of posers. Sure to sell out is The Mango Moss – a supermodel of a sorbetto that will be snapped (up) time and time again. Last but not least is Pomegranate for Paris – rich with fruitiness and ever ready to party.

So hold onto those size zero hot pants girls, Black Vanilla’s range of skinny sorbettos will have you Fashion Week ready. Available from the beginning of January online at www.black-vanilla.com and at both their South East London gelaterias in Blackheath and Greenwich, indulging in this irresistible but guilt free alternative to ice cream has never been soeasy.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” Well you clearly haven’t heard about Black Vanilla’s sorbettos Miss Moss!

There are two Black Vanilla's to choose from in London

Black Vanilla Royal Greenwich, 5 College Approach, Greenwich, London, SE10 9HY

020 8858 3283, blackheath@black-vanilla.com

Black Vanilla Blackheath, 32 Tranquil Vale, Blackheath, London, Se3 0AX

020 8852 0020, greenwich@black-vanilla.com

surface to air missliesBlack Heath and Shooters Hill have been the chosen places for proposed missile sites ready for the Olympics.

These misslies would be installed by the Ministry of Defence and be ground to air missile launches for any un-savouries that come into the skys come the games or more specifically aerial terror attacks.

A final decision on where to put the missiles and indeed if they are needed at all still needs to be made but all the planning is already in place and ready should the government deem it a necessary stretch.

Londonist reports that, 'Local MPs Clive Efford (Eltham and Plumstead) and Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East) are unhappy with the lack of consultation. Efford has written to Defence Secretary Philip ‘Ammo’ Hammond to lodge his displeasure.'

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