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Sesame Street is a beloved kids show that over the years has begun to introduce more and more celebrity guests, with appearances which range from the funny (Ricky Gervais) to the creepy (Robert De Niro). Now it's the turn of Benedict Cumberbatch, who's starring in basically every movie and TV show at the moment, to put his acting to the test alongside a furry monster with the personality of a child.

The skit plays on Cumberbatch's role as Sherlock Holmes in the excellent BBC series, although in this case he's supported by a sidekick made of felt, not Tim from The Office, who as we all know is made of frowns.

If you want to see more of Cumberbatch in action then he's currently featured as the voice of the dragon in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, or as part of ensemble cast adaptation August: Osage County.

Video stills from 'Sherlock - The Reichenbach Fall' Shows:- Sher

It's what we've been waiting to hear - Sherlock Series 4 is going to happen. After all the pottering around in space Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed that there will be a fourth series and he will be in it - phew!

This is very good news as generally once a main character from a TV show goes all Hollywood on us they don't come back - just think of the guy that went on to be a dwarf from Being Human and you'll know just what I mean.

The end of the last series of Sherlock left mouths open and chins wagging around the pub bar as Sherlock jumps off the roof and all we have to assume he is not dead is our general knowledge of the oh so clever character.

The only think that is always so disappointing about each series is that they are so short. Series 3 is being filmed at the minute which will consist of only 3 programs and series 4 will just have a further 3.

'We’ve agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that,’ Cumberbatch revealed at the South Bank Show Awards yesterday.

Of course Cumberbatch is not the only one from Sherlock that has gone off to film fame and will return for this  next series, co star Martin Freeman who of course had the lead in The Hobbit will also be keeping faithful to our British TV Drama.

The show is aired on BBC One an if you've not watched any yet then you're in for a treat - look it up before the 3rd series hits.


benedict cumberbatch and jj abramsBenedict Cumberbatch has been waxing lyrical about Star Trek director JJ Abrams describing him as 'a God'.

Cumberbatch has enjoyed an incredible couple of years. Since hitting our screens as Sherlock Holmes back in 2010 he's gone on to becoming something of a Hollywood darling with roles in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Hobbit and most recently bagging himself in a remake of intergalactic adventure Star Trek.

Directing Cumberbatch's latest out is Abrams who has worked on titles such as cult hit Super 8, Lost and of course the 2009 take on Star Trek and it seems like the actor just can't get enough of his new idol.

Opening up to BBC News Cumberbatch described the direction of Abrams film as 'blindingly brilliant' and went to state that 'JJ Abrams is a God'.

There's huge speculation around the new Star Trek film, which is expected to be released in May of next year. Even those already cast in the film are unable to reveal to the press or fans which parts they are playing but by the sounds of it whatever their role they're in pretty safe hands.

benedict cumberbatch star trek character revealedThere's been a lot of speculation about what role Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing in the new Star Trek film ever since it was announced that he had landed himself a part and it looks like we could be one step closer to knowing.

Sherlock star Cumberbatch made his transition from TV actor to film actor in the 2011 hit Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy and it wasn't long before big Hollywood offers started rolling in. As you'll already know he's bagged himself a part in Peter Jackson's next epic film, The Hobbit and he was also quickly snapped up for a part in Star Trek 2.

Cumberbatch came on board with the film when Benecio Del Toro dropped out of the project and now it is widely being speculated that Cumberbatch will be playing the role of Khan, an exiled warmonger who now has it in for the Star Trek crew.

The role was originally played by Ricardo Montalban however according to website TrekMovie Cumberbatch will now be taking on the villainous role.

Star Trek 2 is due to be released in the UK on 17th May 2013 so we've still got quite a heft wait until we get to see any footage from the film so for now we can class the reports about Cumberbatch's character firmly under 'rumour' although we imagine things will be confirmed sooner rather than later. Watch this space Trek fans.

benedict cumberbatchIt turns out that it was the recording abilities of Benedict Cumberbatch's iPhone that got him his part in the upcoming Star Trek 2 film.

The slightly strange looking man that played a brilliant Sherlock and will also star in the Hobbit said that he had to make an audition tape for the role on his iPhone whilst at home in the country over Christmas.

Benedict told the New York Times that he couldn't make it the the auditions for J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi so he sat in a friends kitchen and recorded one.

When J.J Abrams received the clever Apple inspired video he called it 'one of the most compelling audition readings [he]’d ever seen'. Well done Cumberbatch! Maybe Apple should contact him and get it for their next advert.

It just goes to show, you can do anything so long as you have your iPhone, or any sort of Apple product most likely. In fact, we're not brainwashed at all, go everyone, take over the world!