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eggnog-holiday-drink-with-ground-nutmed-and-cinnamon-stickThere's an awful lot of mulled wine and cider about this year in London but it's proving a little more tricky to find egg nog. Sure you could buy it off Amazon or make it yourself at home but sometimes things aren't just the same unless you have them in a bar.

So we have done a little hunt around and found a few bars with egg nog on the menu for Christmas in London this year. Sadly there are very few that we can find. 

Possibly because egg nog is traditionally seasonal in America more so than here but with its roots actually lie in Europe.
The Groucho Club
On the menu Groucho has a Martell Cognac egg nog. It'll be pricy and you'll need to find someone with a membership to help you get in and order one but you never know who might be tinkling out Christmas carols on the piano in the bar...
45 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 4QB

These guys can be found in several places around London and have included a spiced egg nog in their already brilliant drinks menu. Their Egg Nog is mixed with rum, chai spices and a dusting of nutmeg and cinnamon.
Hide Bar is always a trusty egg nog pusher every winter.
39-45 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3XF
Starbucks, everywhere
Starbucks of course have their egg nog latte which we are now addicted to in the office. Not totally egg nog but it sure damn taste as good as it and you can safely drink it at your desk without anyone thinking you are a Christmas alcoholic.

A lovely cosy restaurant that has many a novel drink on the menu and this Christmas time that includes egg nog.

76-78 Paul Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4NE

There are so many pop ups on at the moment it's surely almost impossible to get around them all, let alone afford to get around them all. So to that end we have gathered up some of our favourite ones for you. Feast your eyes and get your wallets ready for WJ London's top 5 London pop up bars of the moment.

thebutcherbaratanise6The Butcher Bar at Anise

Meat hooks. Feathered taxidermy. Faux skins. This is The Butcher Bar at Anise, a provocative pop-up that brings all the butchery and blood of the hunt to the glossy heart of the City. Suits are urged to come armed with appetites: executive chef Vivek Singh and head chef Abdul Yaseen have killed it with a menu thatincludes the signature Butcher's Block – a sharing selection of beef, venison and grouse served with a cleaver for guests to carve their own cuts – as well as share-and-tear bites such as devilled chicken livers, rabbit terrine with Kasundi mustard and tandoori grouse-nest pizza. There's a killer cocktail hit-list, too, courtesy of Bar Manager Ben Newton-Syms: highlights include The Buffalo Butcher, Mary Had A Little Martini and Deer Me. This summer, paint the town red.

Open Season started on the 20th August  and runs through to the 30th November


Frank's Cafe & Campari Bar at Peckham Rye

Only open in the fairer months and soon to be turned into a multi use venue, Frank's Cafe & Campari is open again now through until mid to end of September depending on our weather run. You can expect art, performance and great food all atop a car park that may not look friendly but can be forgiven for housing such a cool bar. A great place to watch the sun set.

95a Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST - Sunday 30th June throughout summer


The Botanical Gin Garden, Carom Soho 

Who would have thought you could find a botanical garden in Soho? Well you can! Tanqueray has teamed up with Soho bar Carom to create a fragrant, interesting gin experience for the herb and spice searcher. Each month has a different theme and during the two left you can expect a Tanqueray no.Ten infusion evening with Master Distiller Tom Nichol and for October when things get cooler - Cocktail at Home : Foraging in Autumn. Your one stop guide to amazing Autumnal cocktails.

Open now through to October.

BOOM Burger London, The Earl of Portobello

BOOM Burger London can be found weekly at The Earl of Portobello, in North Kensington. They will feed any last longing urges you are left with (if you still have any) when it comes to London burgers. A few twists to the classic may alight taste buds anew getting a little lazy from burger over indulgence. These include the BOOM Burger - with bacon jam and cheese and the Jamaican BOOM - a jerk chicken burger.

Every week Wednesday - Saturday

propstore bar

Propstore, The National Theatre

The Propstore can be found at The National Theatre. It's an interesting, cosy pop-up riverfront cafe and bar. The name lends a suggestion to what is within, a treat for any seasoned theatre goer with props from some of the most well known plays performed in the National Theatre. This pop up bar serves both drinks and street food and on Saturdays and Fridays stays open until 2am.

Until the end of the summer, South Bank, London, SE1 9PX

The Liquor CabinetThe Liquor Cabinet in Shoreditch is a new bar in Shoreditch.

Set up by friends (with great credentials) Mikey Seddon and Thom Docker (both ex Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town) The Liquor Cabinet is Hackney’s latest subterranean bolthole of drink par-excellence. Featuring a neatly curated menu of handmade bottled cocktails, fine whiskeys, premium spirits, tasty beers and fragrant Pour de Jour wines sourced from small vineyards, The Liquor Cabinet is the perfect place for a tipple.

Wander down and discover the charms of this cosy hideaway, with its intimate booths and candlelit bar. You won’t find any unpalatable Ouzo, excessively aged brandy or stern words from your father here. Just superb drinks, friendly staff and great music.

The entrance is behind the Golden Grill at 184 Hackney Road, Shoreditch E2 7QL.

Nearest transport: Hoxton (Overground), or buses 26, 48, 55, N26, and N55

Opening hours: Tuesday - Thursday 5PM - 12:00AM Friday - Saturday 5PM - 2:00AM

Bars of London tube mapFirst we had the Restaurant Tube Map and now the Evening Standard has put together the Bar Tube Map.

Each stop has a different suggested bar in the vicinity that you should have a drink at. The image isn't cropped don't worry - you're not missing out on any key suggestions, so far the bar map only covers zone 1 but aims to give a good overview of the most "characteristic bars of the capital" therein.

This weekend we challenge you to a tube line bar crawl based on this map - pick your tube line and go to each and every stop and suggested bar on route till you hit the other end and then return to which ever was your favourite to spend the rest of the evening.

Let us know how you get on.

Wine in Tumbler glasses is wrongDear new bars and restaurants of London, I do not care how trendy you are, I do not care that you mostly cater to those that want cocktails in an eclectic mix of eccentric glassware and teacups, and I do not care if you are so quirky that having normal glassware would completely go against your ethos and vibe, wine, should be served in a wine glass.

There are a number of wine ruining culprits around town and don't get me wrong, I am by no means a wine connoisseur but just as those that will tell you Coke tastes best out of a glass bottle and chips taste best out of newspaper wine is the top of this 'what things should be served in' list.

I do not want wine in a tumbler (Shoreditch Butchery), I do not want it in a jam jar (Meat Liquor), in a mug or in a jug or anything else for that matter that does not have a stalk on it.

There is something about a glass of wine after a long day at work or a lazy afternoon meeting friends, when the outside of the glass goes frosty because it is so cold if it's a white or you can see the rich colour properly when it's a red.

Wine in anything that could be classed as a short cocktail glass just makes me think of the dregs left over at a house party and instantly puts me off a drink that I had so looked forward to.

With all this in mind I would like to put out a plea to all you new restaurants and bars due to open - please invest in some decent wine glasses. After discussing this at length I have found there are many that agree whole heartedly - do you?