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Heading backstage at last night’s Vin + Omi show was like falling down a rabbit hole of colour and texture. The oil paint portraits on the wall looked on as the Colourotic show prepared itself for its first outing.


Fur, latex and suede sat next to each other on the rails, showing off the variety of mediums that the design duo use to create this; their art.


VinandOmi_AW16_013The classic Vin + Omi staggering heel returned for another season, this time wrapped in fabric, emulating the scraps of pastel netting that littered the catwalk later on.


Blunt, choppy coloured wigs were greased into wild shapes, while make-up remained relatively low-key; a simple smoky eye was enough to complement the wild clothes.


Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Amie Caswell | Fashion Week Photographer | @amiecharlot

Exit 15, the show from this year's graduates of The Swedish School of Textiles, was an incredible array of weird and wonderful designs, mixed with a good dose of innovative technology. Photographer Kaye Ford went backstage to see the how this marvelous display was created.

With mini-collections from 20 different designers, there was a lot going on; especially as some of the outfits were particularly large. Josefin Runquist's giant plastic hood billowed along corridors, while Sara Lundberg's OMG!(s) teetered around the fray.

SwedishHouseofTextiles (6 of 11)SwedishHouseofTextiles (11 of 11)

Make-up was mostly toned around tauple and purple, with layers of eyeshadow taking the place of liner.

SwedishHouseofTextiles (1 of 11)

SwedishHouseofTextiles (5 of 11)

Hair was pulled into simple, half-up, half-down styles - these clothes stood out enough on their own, without need for any extra complication.

SwedishHouseofTextiles (8 of 11)

SwedishHouseofTextiles (10 of 11)
Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Kaye Ford | Fashion Week Photography | @fordtography

WJ Photographer Kaye Ford has been delving around behind the scenes to get in on the backstage action.

Angel Chen's punky line was complemented by every aspect of hair and makeup. Another dim memory of the 90s leaping back into fashion, temporary body art, was being applied everywhere from necks to eyebrows.

Angel chen (1 of 19)












Angel chen (9 of 19)Angel chen (15 of 19)













Angel chen (14 of 19)

















Hair was woven into tufty braids, sticking out rebelliously.

Angel chen (7 of 19)














Eyes were rimmed in pink, reflecting a trend that has taken over Soho this week, spotted on street stylers and models alike. Even those who would be covered by Angel’s unusual pink headpieces were made up, expressing attitude from every pore, even if unseen.


Angel chen (3 of 19)












Angel chen (18 of 19)
















Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Kaye Ford | Fashion Week Photography | @fordtography

WJ Photographer Evie Parazite went behind the scenes at Fashion Scout to capture the finishing touches before the CCUOCO AW15 collection.

Ccuoco bs Ccuoco bs4Ccuoco bs16  Ccuoco bs10 Ccuoco bs11 Ccuoco bs13     Ccuoco bs20  Ccuoco bs22 Ccuoco bs25
Emboldened black eyes and show-stopping statement jewellery set the tone for the serious serving of sartorial salaciousness we were about to receive. Red leather, cream leather, gold leather and black leather; Candice Ccuoco is notorious for producing collections full of exquisitely manipulated leather creations, with feminine confidence being the driving force behind her designs.

Read the full report here: Ccuoco AW15

Loose silks in shades of Summer, flowers strewn across tailored cuts, and the seminal silhouette of the 60's mod.

_MG_0403 _MG_0381

For autumn / winter 2015 Pretty Green found sartorial resolution in the creative rivalry of Beatles vs Beach Boys. The aptly named 'Black label' dressed a restless youth caught between London sensibilities and the California Coast in just that: black.

Velvet lapels on dinner jackets and fur trim hooded Parkas, dusky wools that shimmered with purple thread and mesh over fitted gold shirts.
Colours seemed as shadows on dark streets, an oily sheen in street light glow. Blues and purples the colour of bruises, and reds like dark lipstick set against white fur and white denim, crisp button ups and floral plimsoles with white trim. 

_MG_0364 _MG_0338

If the Beatles were to be found in elegant silhouettes, the Beach Boys themselves recognisable in 'Wild Honey' print re-imagined in floral jacquard and psychedelic swirls.

Hair was black bowl cut, shorn or swept over eyes and tumbling over shoulders. A final fusion of 60's subcultures cut into soft waves and jet blacks.

Words: Anna Claire Sanders | Fashion Week Press | @sannanders
Images: Prexa | Fashion Week Photographer | @prexactly

  _MG_0366 _MG_0411 _MG_0379