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Axel Kacoutie is a genius. That's all we've really got to say, because this track leaves us speechless with its beauty.

Axel has remixed Kine Hjeldnes' ( a norweigan singer and composer) 'Father', and done a damn beautiful job of it. The video is suitably eery and haunting; but, we love it too. The moment the girl's face becomes visible, you are made calm, and can lapse into the stunning sounds, safe in the knowledge that she is not a face-less, ghostly, cousin IT.

We're loving Axel, and watching his every move, and you should too. Although, obviously, you can trust us to keep you updated!



Last week we introduced you to Axel Kacoutie a producer/composer with that something something, which can only be described as utter genius.

This time, Kacoutie has picked Disclosure as his target, remixing 'White Noise' into a totally new and original track, adding pitchy vocals, tight drums, and an eery, haunting melody which leaves you pressing repeat, over-and-over again. This remix is Kacoutie's take on MNEK's awesome White Noise Refix.

Based in South London, Axel is in our very own city, which means we can get excited about the prospect of hopefully, seeing him play live somewhere very soon. In the mean time, his constant releasing of perfect tracks will keep us more than happy.

Can this man do no wrong?


To get a real understanding of how things work with producers within the music industry, we decided to interview someone who knows it all - Mr Marvyn Harrison of XYXX Management. Marvyn Harrison manages some of the most exciting up and coming producers, such as WJ favourite Axel Kacoutie. For some top tips on the 'one's to watch' for 2013 in all areas of music, and the possibilities musicians have when working with brands, read on...




- So, tell us about you. Who are you, what do you do? 

I am a company director at XYXX which is a talent and brand agency. My job is to work closely with brands on their entertainment strategies and manage the careers of talented music artists.

- How did you come to use the name XYXX? (Are you ever worried people are going to mix you up with that talented producer XXXY?) 

Haha, its actually chromosomes for a man and woman (my business partner) and the genetic make up of a great artist or brand campaign. We are yet to be confused as yet, but I will keep an eye on them!

- Glad we could give you a heads up on that X confusion.

- Can you tell us about some of your artists? 

* Folly Rae is an electro folk singer songwriter and her debut single 'Free Your Mind' just released last week and is flying up iTunes. * Alex RV Phillips is a singer songwriter, his songs are so thought provoking. I love getting new music from him.* Axel Kacoutie is a bass music remixer... making some really great tracks at the moment. * Vicktor Taiwo is a very interesting singer songwriter, I can't label him... just great songs. I am excited to see what he can do. * Cameron SVB is another of my artists - No one believes that he is 18, great kid. Very unique. * Scholar and Stix are producers. They can play any instrument and have a signature sound. I work closely with Giza Music also and we just love making music. We would do this if we sold 1millions albums or 1,000, I am lucky to work with such great people.

- Can you tell us about your inspiration for becoming involved in the music industry?

I loved being involved in music campaigns with amazing artists and I got addicted, I just love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else. There is also a lack of understanding of how artists can work with brands, so my experience has been beneficial to many established and growing artists.

- Lets get inside the mind of Marvyn. What do you like to listen to?

Hip Hop - 1990 - 2005 // 90s Brit Pop // 90s Indie era //  Motown. I also listen to everything in the current charts for research. You've got to stay on top of current music.

- Can you tell us about Axel Kacoutie? We've just discovered his remix of Alex Mills 'Forever Young' and are loving it! 

When I met him, he had already done a remix for Lupe Fiasco that Lupe went crazy for and since then he has been working on a bunch of remixes, released 2 EPs and is now working on his collaboration project. His music excites me and I love working with him.


- Tell us something about you that no one will know. 

Errrrmmm....I got married the other day? HAHA.

- Congratulations!!

- Can you tell us who you are looking forward to seeing blow up in 2013? Have you got your eye on any new talents?

In 2013, I am really looking forward to hearing more from Bondax, Vicktor Taiwo, Shannon Saunders, Ghetts and......Josephine.

- What's the best thing about where you live in London? 

The markets, the creative energy of Shoreditch is immense. You can't help but be inspired.

- So what can we expect next from XYXX in 2013? Any tip offs for what you'll be releasing next?

Keep an eye on @Kacoutie @AlexRVPhillips @FollyRae @Scholarstix @VicktorTaiwo @CameronSVB . They will do the talking!!