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It's a difficult time for everyone trying to make it on their own two feet in any sort of business at the moment. The market in every direction is flooded. You have to stand out.

But one area that's certainly having a very tough time (more so than it already was) is start up artists and designers.

How do you get your work seen and get fans, traction as an artist? In an age where almost everything visual is expected to be given away free online it's pretty tough to get out there without risking your work being knicked or used in ways you are not happy about.

I remember working with photographers who had seen their pictures on T-Shirts in Camden Market, also people who had sent artwork and ideas to large brands only to hear nothing, yet see their ideas play out on those brands shelves months later. Just recently a really cool custom pin/badge creator found their designs being sold under a different name by a large brand. This is not cool.

You HAVE to get your work out there. That's obvious. And you HAVE to put some trust in the people out there not to steal or rip off your idea. You won't get anywhere if you keep all your thoughts and creations hidden away on your hard drive.

And sadly you HAVE to be prepared for the potential of your work being used/copied.

So the logical step is to speak out, shame the people (so long as you are sure of course) that steal or rip off your work. Promote them to your following if you find them - get it out there and talk about it.

And brands and companies that are guilty - think about it - would you not rather collaborate and work with these talented people rather than be underhand? How much further it could go if you worked together and could use the source of the creativity rather than a copy?

We have a project in the making that will aim to help tackle this problem for the creative start ups and artists coming up the ladder.

Stay tuned!

In the mean time this is a great podcast from Artsy that takes a look at some of these problems in more depth :



The London Original Print Fair (LOPF) celebrates 30 years at the Royal Academy of Arts with some 50 specialist exhibitors offering an unrivalled selection of prints for sale. Over the years, the fair has grown in size, ambition and popularity. Although it is the largest such event in Europe, it remains a boutique experience, held in the elegant main galleries of the Royal Academy of Arts. Printmakers, galleries and contemporary artists working with print, acknowledge the fair as the leading event of its kind. The rarest old master prints, works by modern masters and newly published original prints by artists working today are all on offer at the fair. LOPF 2015 opens on Thursday 23 April and this year, to mark the 30th anniversary, hostsan exhibition of 30 print highlights from the Royal Collection.

Exhibitors this year include many who have been with the fair since the inaugural LOPF in 1985. Returning old master specialists include Christopher Mendez (London), Hill Stone (New York) and C.G.Boerner (New York and Dusseldorf).  Gordon Cooke, Chairman and Founder of the LOPF will be exhibiting for the 30th time as Director of The Fine Art Society. Founding exhibitors Frederick Mulder and Gordon Samuel (of Osborne Samuel) showcase the very best prints from 20th century artists including Picasso, Bacon and Freud. Contemporary printmakers have played an important role at the fair throughout its 30 year history, offering newly published prints by leading artists; publishers Advanced Graphics, Paupers Press, Paragon, RA Editions and Pratt Contemporary are regulars at the fair, representing artists such as Grayson Perry RA, Bob & Roberta Smith and Tracey Emin RA. New to the fair this year are Durham Press, contemporary print publishers from Pennsylvania; Gallery Jin from Tokyo who specialise in prints by young Japanese artists; August Laube Buch- und Kunstantiquariat, Zurich; Shapero Modern, London; and Aspinwall Editions, print publishers based in New York and Rheine, Germany. 84fbf620-cfd4-4c62-bb73-ed16c68c0e6c

The range of prints for sale and knowledge of the exhibitors remain unsurpassed. With prices to suit all pockets, prints from all periods are offered at LOPF, making it a firm favourite with established collectors and popular with those looking to buy their first original print. The fair also offers visitors an exclusive chance to learn about the practice of printmaking and what to look for when starting or building a print collection. 

30 Print Highlights from the Royal Collection

A London Original Print Fair loan exhibition in celebration of the 30th anniversary Fair

This special exhibition of prints from the Royal Collection will be held in Gallery II of the Main Galleries of the Royal Academy, alongside the fair. The 30 prints selected from the Collection reveal its diversity; they include prints by or after masters such as Dürer, Raphael, Castiglione and Canaletto, shown alongside portraits, topographical prints, maps, prints of historic events, and prints made by the Royal Family, among them Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Collectively they exemplify the full range of techniques available to printmakers over three and a half centuries. 

Aspinwall editions London Print fair

(Aspinwall Editions)


(Royal Academy of Arts)


(TAG Fine Arts)

LOPF 2015 Exhibitors

Abbott and Holder Ltd ▪ Advanced Graphics London ▪ Aspinwall Editions ▪ Austin/Desmond Contemporary Books ▪ Emanuel von Baeyer - London ▪ C.G. Boerner ▪ Brook Gallery ▪ CCA Galleries ▪ Alan Cristea Gallery ▪ Durham Press ▪ Dreipunkt Edition ▪ Eames Fine Art ▪ Andrew Edmunds ▪ Enitharmon Editions ▪ The Fine Art Society ▪ Flowers Gallery, London/New York ▪ Gerrish Fine Art ▪ Gilden’s Arts Gallery ▪ Glasgow Print Studio ▪ Elizabeth Harvey-Lee ▪ Hill-Stone Inc. ▪ Himmelblau Printmaking Finland ▪ James Hyman Gallery ▪ Gwen Hughes Modern British Art ▪ Jealous Gallery ▪Neil Jennings Fine Art ▪ Gallery Jin ▪ August Laube Buch- und Kunstantiquariat ▪ Long & Ryle ▪ Marlborough Graphics London ▪ Christopher Mendez ▪ Frederick Mulder Ltd ▪ Neuhauser Kuntsmühle ▪ Osborne Samuel Ltd ▪ Julian Page ▪ Paragon Press ▪ Paupers Press ▪ Pratt Contemporary | Pratt Editions ▪ Rabley Contemporary ▪ The Redfern Gallery ▪ RA Editions ▪ Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers ▪ Shapero Modern ▪ Karsten Schubert ▪ Paul Stolper ▪ Sims Reed Gallery ▪ Stoney Road Press, Dublin ▪ TAG Fine Arts ▪


Main Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 April 2015

Press preview: Wednesday 22 April 2015, 5.30-6.30pm

www.londonprintfair.com  @LondonPrintFair   #LOPF30