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image004Regal rendezvous and secret smugglings, Blitz bombings and historic haunts; London’s newest app offers a fresh look at the capital’s must-see sights through the doors of some of its longest-standing pubs.

Launching today, the Taylor Walker History & Ale trail app boasts six individual, thirst-quenching tours. Each of which takes users on an immersive journey through some of the oldest pubs in the capital, all the while rewarding their progress with discounts to be used on food and drink – including each pub’s independently selected range of ales and local brews.

For example, the ‘Famous Faces’ trail will take you to the pub where Charles Darwin first conceived the theory of natural selection; whilst the ‘Ghost Walk’ will allow you to discover The Grenadier so named after a young Grenadier whom is said to have been caught cheating at a game of cards and was then savagely beaten to death by his comrades as punishment. The ‘Bright Lights’ trail explores pubs such as theLeicester Arms which was previously a children’s work house in the Victorian era and has underground tunnels to fellow Taylor Walker pub the Glassblower

Steve Worrall, Brand Director for Taylor Walker, said: “Many of our Taylor Walker pubs are famous for their rich history and are popular with visiting tourists looking to discover traditional British pubs.

“Our History & Ale Trail app combines the modern and the traditional to provide a tour experience that offers a truly authentic British pub experience, while also taking in the sights of the UK’s capital.  With its ready-made themed trail routes, users simply have to pick their nearest trail and let the app take them on a journey through London. It’s a perfect tool for visiting tourists, or heritage pub lovers with an interest in London or Taylor Walker’s 300-year history.”

Founded in 1730 in London’s east end, Taylor Walker’s pubs boast a rich and intriguing heritage spanning over three centuries. In 1816 it became one of biggest porter brewers in London and has continued to deliver top quality ales and traditional pub food ever since.

The History & Ale Trail app is free to download for iOS and Android and is the ideal tour guide for those visiting or living in Central London.

Taylor Walker is part of Spirit Pub Company which owns and operates just under 800 managed pubs across the UK. Other brands in its portfolio include Flaming Grill, Chef & Brewer, Fayre & Square and John Barras.

For more information on Taylor Walker and the Ale Trail visit: www.taylor-walker.co.uk.




Do you love looking at photos of old school London? We do at WJ so why not get this new app that puts you right back in time in those grey photos you love!

The app couples current London and the equivalent area 100 years earlier when you take a picture of wherever you are in London.

If you ever wanted to feel depressed at how fast time passes then this is the ideal method.

The app is called Streetmuseum and it was launched by the Museum of London, now however, thanks to GPS is can recognise the areas that it's in and place you right in the thick of it.

screen1Really want to go and see that new bad but not go any friends to go with? That's where this app will help you out.

Ideally we would suggest that you find a friend that will indulge you as otherwise what are friends for. Alternatively take their advice and realise that whatever new fangled act you've heard someone in Shoreditch talk about - it may be the case that no one cares... but if you are determined there is Gig Roulette.

Like chat roulette, XFM and Tinder all rolled into one Gig Roulette is a unique new game that helps people find concert buddies. Think of it as Tinder for concerts.

If it sounds interesting you can find out more here:

Play Gig Roulette


A new app designed to make people stay safe in the partying period over Christmas in London has lauched with some handy tips to remember.

The iSurvive app is free to download and is part of the “Party Safe” Campaign. The Campaign is offering free downloads of iSurvive (normally £0.99) for two weeks, from 14th-28th December. The intention is to help make revellers more aware of their surroundings and safety during nights out and as they make their way home.

In less than 5 seconds, if you are abducted, attacked, have an accident or suffer a medical emergency, with iSurvive you can tell your loved ones what’s happened and where you are. iSurvive is the only rescue app capable of making the crucial distinction between an attack, when the most appropriate first responders may be the police, and an accident, when it is usually best to summon medical or rescue services.

Christmas sees an increased risk of violence on the streets, with excess alcohol consumption a key factor. We hear of people experiencing exposure to risk on nights out, and individuals losing control and attacking their partners and others.

App developer Tom Hunt says “Violations such as sexual, domestic and street violence are highly sensitive, but by addressing the very real problems they present, and giving a person who may be vulnerable a fast and effective way to help themselves—for example while on a night out or in a personal situation at home—it is my hope iSurvive will prevent at least one tragedy.”

iSurvive was inspired by a tragic case of abduction in the UK two years ago. The victim’s mobile phone signal was eventually pinpointed to a remote forest location, but too late—by the time the police found the victim she had been murdered. Saddened by this, inventor and entrepreneur Tom Hunt and his expert team were driven to develop a superior system of rapid alarm-raising during emergencies.

Criminologist and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas welcomed iSurvive, saying: “In this modern world the mobile phone plays a vital role in almost everyone’s lives. Therefore anything that helps people not only feel safe but has clear safety benefits has to be a good thing. I applaud the creators of the iSurvive app and believe this will be a valuable safety tool”.

In addition to providing people with a valuable aid to safety, the “Party Safe” Campaign will encourage people to plan in advance for their night out. Tom Hunt states: “The iSurvive app comes into its own if trouble still rears its head despite following our Top Ten Tips for Holiday Season Safety”:

10. Stay in control: don’t make yourself vulnerable by drinking too much.

9.    Stick together: Stay with your friends and look out for each other.

8.    Help people to help you: If you live with others, let someone know what time to expect you home. If you do not arrive and they have not heard from you, they can summon help on your behalf.

8.    Plan: Know how you’re getting home—ideally pre-book a taxi.

6.    Think: Before leaving home think keys, money, phone. Vital items you need to stay safe on a night out.

5.    Prevent Spiking: Make it a habit never to leave your drink unattended. Never accept a drink from a stranger. Drinks can be spiked in seconds.

4.    Attract attention: If the worst happens and you're grabbed by an attacker be sure to scream, shout, throw a rock through a car or shop window—anything to alert others to your plight.

3.    Run: If you are not under the control of an attacker, running away is your best option. You are far more likely to be hurt if you go with your attacker.

2.    Trust Your Instincts: If something feels risky, it quite likely is. Don’t take chances—exit that situation immediately.

1.    Stay Aware: Self-defence starts long before an attack. Mainta

Find out more and download the app here.

Secret Santa tombola appAs the office Christmas party season kicks off this week, brand new iOS app Secret Santa Tombola App has today released the ‘top ten under a tenner’ best-selling Christmas gifts this year* to help the UK’s Secret Santas nationwide find the perfect gifts to embarrass or entertain their colleagues with.

So if you are stuck for ideas then some of these top tens might help you out. From rude balloons to fart machines, the top sellers so far in 2013 are:

Rude Balloons, 24 Adult Magic Party Modelling Balloons, 6 Funny Designs, £5.95

Mini Fart Fanfare Sound Effects, £4.95

Farmers Market – Grow Your Own Chillies, £4.50

3D Memo – Mind Bending Magnetic Memo Board, £4.95

Designer Beaver, £4.50

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, £8.95

NPW His and Hers Instant Disco Glasses, £3.95

Beat Bot Flat Pack Robot Speaker, £9.95

Mini Bodily Functions Sound Effects, £4.95

Nail Art Mini Pens – Pretty Peacock Matte Finish 5 Pack, £9.95

“The trend for Secret Santa presents seems to be getting ruder and ruder,” says Tim Wright, SecretSanta.me’s CEO. “I doubt many people’s mums gave their colleagues £4.50 designer beavers, or a pack of 24 rude balloons a generation ago. But they are really selling well this year.

“Having said that, some people get really nervous choosing secret Santa presents. That’s why we teamed up with Clock to build our app - if you don’t have time to shop, or simply don’t know what to buy, SecretSanta.me will always suggest a funny, cheeky or cute present within your price range.”

The Secret Santa Tombola App takes less than three minutes, and immediately takes the stress out of Secret Santa shopping. Simply select the gender of the gift receiver, pick the type of gift – cheeky, fun or cute and your budget. Then spin the tombola to see the recommended gift. Users can then choose to spin again for another option, or click to instantly buy the gift online. With hundreds of the top-selling gifts to choose from, workers can tick off finding the perfect secret Santa gift from their to-do list.

The Secret Santa Tombola App was created by one of the UK’s largest impulse gifting companies NPW (www.npwgifts.com) and developed by Clock (www.clock.co.uk).

The app is available at www.SecretSanta.me or visit App Store