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Hailo Cab App

Ever done that thing where, after a night out, you end up standing on the street desperately trying to hail a black cab but finding it near impossible to find one which is actually available? Well then this new app is for you.

Released earlier this week the Hailo app allows you to hook up with empty cabs by using your phones GPS to find your location and that of the nearest empty cab. All you have to do is click the 'Pick Me Up Here' button and the cab will drive to your location to take you on your journey. Genius. There is even a payment system which lets you use a secure credit card system which allows you to pay for the can if you don't have any cash.

Hailocab creators, we salute you.

As far as apps go for us Londoners they don't get much better than this.

Streetmuseum is a free app created by the Museum of London which uses augmented reality technology to allow users to hold their camera up to London street signs, landmarks and sights to receive detailed information about the place they're interested in. The app also allows users to look at how the area they hold their camera up to looked decades ago. We like. A lot.


London Unlike have put together a series of city guides that are going down a treat with both locals and travelers alike.

Put together by city insiders, for example the London city guides involve Addie Chinn, James Lowe, Hannah Barry and Earnest Endeavours the short videos highlight what is best about the chosen city as only an insider would know. You can watch virtual tours of each cities cultural landscape, including the parks, art galleries, concert venues, dance halls, eateries, museums, bars and clubs that make it tick.

13 cultural metropolises are listed including Berlin, Amsterdam, London (of course), Cape Town and Milan to name a few.

Watch one of the London videos here. Already having a great amount of downloads the City Guide is available as an app so you can take it with you on your travels and never miss out on the places where you should have gone.

finger battle

One of the great mind less addictive apps for the iPhone, Finger Battle.

Finger Battle is another of the - faster you click better you do - variety of app game. Brilliantly simple from Rafael Rozendall and Dirk van Oosterbosch it's as addictive as hell.

See which of your friends have the faster fingers as the colour of the faster finger begins to take over the screen pushign the other finger out.