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Such is the steep, climbing trajectory of Surrey siblings Disclosure, this date at London’s Heaven already feels like a booking they’ve somewhat outgrown. Fans of the duo’s futuristic, balearic-tinged house spill out of every orifice of the chock-full Villiers Street superclub; preened, keen and dressed to the nines. They’re the lucky few. Many have tried and failed to be here this evening and so, if it wasn’t predictable enough from their inescapable approval and elevated chart position (the Lawrence brothers and AlunaGeorge currently sit in the Official UK Top 10), tonight feels like an event of weighty anticipation.

Not that this sense of occasion fazes exceptional new London collective Clean Bandit. Initially lining-up as a glitter-clad, six-piece tonight - with Nikki B and Makeda Moore providing a slew of smooth, soulful runs - they enthral throughout; swaying in sync during the pounding electronica of ‘Nightingale’, before inciting the crowd with ‘A+E’(s) contagious, chamber-electro chorus. However, their set hits new heights with the arrival of gold-hooded rapper, MC Ssegamic, who is charisma personified, mocking the movements of a baton-wielding conductor during the giddy, orchestral bliss of ‘Mozart’s House’. “We can’t leave London like this! Let’s drop a classic”, he says, before they send the converted attendance into ecstasy with a thrilling, Coolio/Destiny’s Child mash-up. The new Basement Jaxx, some say? Undoubtedly.

It could be a tricky support slot to follow, but Disclosure are far from knob-twiddling dullards; their forthcoming LP-heavy set is an immersive electronic experience from the off, with the two-piece flitting between drum pads, bass and synths on impulse. It takes the unveiling of EP favourite ‘Boiling’ to really ignite proceedings, the track’s honeyed, neo-soul and throaty bass proving irresistible amidst the darting strobes. However, the reaction is tame compared to what follows; the twosome play their trump card by welcoming the hypnotic Aluna Francis to join them for the electrifying, and chart-topping, ‘White Noise’, before launching into the skittery patches and spliced vocals of ‘What’s In Your Head’. It’s an exhilarating double, followed by their dancefloor-unifying remix of Jessie Ware's ‘Running’; the sold-out crowd's unanimous euphoria proving that it really has taken on a life of its own since its B-side release early last year. Duly, they complete a captivating set with the magnificent ‘Latch’, dangling it’s sampled “Ne-ver”(s) in front of the hordes, prior to greeting the silk-voiced Sam Smith on stage. “Now I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you” he cries, in front of a backdrop of their soon-to-be-iconic, neon faces; it’s a DJ’s motto if ever we’ve heard one, and one that they undeniably uphold.

AlunaGeorge have transported us back to childhood this morning. A twisted and dark childhood, with a modern twist. The electronic duo have released the visuals for their latest single 'Attracting Flies', which depict them in various guises of numerous fairytales. ''Attracting Flies'' is taken from the forthcoming album, 'Body Music', which is set for release on July 1st 2013.

Keep your eyes peeled to spot the gorgeous Aluna in constume as The Princess and The Pea, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Beauty & The Beast, and many more.

A cracking song with a summer vibe. Now we just need to find summer through this monday-morning blizzard! Brighten your monday with the honeysuckle tones of AlunaGeorge, and Aluna's endlessly recognisable and awe-inspiring vocals.


After blasting the airwaves with their 'White Noise' collaboration with Disclosure, AlunaGeorge have made their own comeback with 'Attracting Flies', an upbeat track with a real summer sound.

This duo don't appear to be able to do any wrong. Aluna's voice and George's production work harmoniously to create endless amounts of addictive and incredible music. Other tracks such as 'You Drums, Your Love' and 'You Know You Like It' have been huge radio hits too. The pair are receiving endless head nods from all the right places and all the right people. We can't wait to watch their success grow and grow.


Signed to Island Records, Aluna Francis and George Reid are musical geniuses, and their strong bond is apparent and super loveable!

Take a listen to 'Attracting Flies' above.

Visit the AlunaGeorge site here.