This summer is going to be bright on the high street regardless of what happens to the weather. A number of acid and just off fluorescents are making their ways onto the hangers and we are loving it.

Giving our eyes a real treat are vivid blues and sumptuous corals along with acid lemon and limes.

Luckily all of these colours work well with a simple and subdued base colour - a black, grey or nude - things we should all have left over in our wardrobe now that winder is coming to an end.

If however you want to give the sun a run for his money give the corals and the vivid blues something the fight about and pit them together in a colour blocking combo - a trend that's not going anywhere this summer.

We can also tell you the perfect places to purchase these knock out colours being LK Bennett and Banana Republic. Getting the colours just right and marrying feel good fabric to boot, pop along to these guys to grab some key items for your summer wardrobe.

You won't have to look hard for the colours, they'll jump out at you the moment you're through the door but if you do need a little help of want a pep talk to get you into wearing such a bright statement colour have a chat to the personal shoppers on hand - they'll steer you right.

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the actual high street then head over to Duke of York Square where you can find both these shops together and a lovely expanse of clean, pale pavement stretching between the two.

LK Bennett -

Fisher Short Sleeve Draped Top Lander Seamed Skirt


Banana Republic -