Learning an instrument is a great hobby. I was recently reminded of my piano learning days when I found a lonesome piano on a recent trip to Bordeaux. The hotel guests were treated to me trying to remember the only thing I successfully learnt to play... the opening to the snowman. Poor people.

I came home with all the intention to start learning again. But then I'm thinking a piano's a pretty big item to introduce into the flat so maybe, Monday Ukulele lessons are a better option.

Adding to the plus points of learning a portable instrument, it turns out there are free lessons on offer! Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen's new Ukulele Hootenanny is led by professional teachers, so you will really learn at this quirky event.

Every Monday regular Ukers, beginners or anyone who is just Uke curious can gather together to play and learn. Hire one of the house Ukes for the night or bring your own.

Ukulele-ing can be thirsty work so there's also 241 cocktails between 5-7pm and food from the award winning Orange Buffalo to fuel the music making.

Music policy: Uke renditions of singalong classics and modern pop

I'm sold!

Find out more here.