starbucksIn an interesting turn of events Starbucks are about to roll out wine and beer in their coffee shops as well as 'small plates'

Starting in the US and soon moving over to the UK after 4pm in Starbucks you will be able to order alcohol and plates from a tapas-style grazing menu. This is really a huge shift for the chain as it firmly moves them out of coffee house status.

On the grazing menu will be rosemary cashews, bacon-wrapped dates, flatbreads and chocolate fondue.

Wether the alcohol will be a hit or not who knows, Starbucks has firmly developed (especially in the evenings) as somewhere to go if you want to avoid drinking holes so to now bring the too together...

There is also no mention as to what brands of alcohol will be served, wether Starbucks will start brewing their own alcoholic beer and wine options we don't know.

Another first for Starbucks is their all tea branch, the first of its kind that opens in Seattle in October. The new tea house will offer 80 varieties of Tazo tea and encourage tea drinkers to make their own blends. Why Starbucks has chosen to role out it's first tea house in the States rather than the UK is beyond us though.