The London Underground has always been a great place to have a little mess around with the signage - the font and styles are very easy to copy and manipulate. But there seems to be a trend now more than ever to mess with them.

Below are a collection of new signs and stickers spotted on the underground, many of which speak directly from public opinion when it comes to over crowding or the stress of the commute.

Which one's your favourite?

fake-signs-in-london-underground-026 fake-signs-in-london-underground-025-500x299 fake-signs-in-london-underground-020 fake-signs-in-london-underground-018 fake-signs-in-london-underground-015-500x323 fake-signs-in-london-underground-010 fake-signs-in-london-underground-009-500x333 fake-signs-in-london-underground-008-500x613 fake-signs-in-london-underground-007-500x375 fake-signs-in-london-underground-006 fake-signs-in-london-underground-005-500x333 fake-signs-in-london-underground-002