Rev JW Simpson - Bar Shot - medium res
Rev JW Simpson - Bar Shot - medium resOne of Fitzrovia's most treasured and hidden bars, Reverend JW Simpson, has announced the continuation of their hugely popular Spirited Sermons master-classes, keeping Londoners busy with these interactive and informative events throughout the Autumn and Winter months.

During these classes, ambassadors and master distillers from across the UK will be preaching about some of the world's oldest and most fascinating spirits, offering delicious  new takes on classic recipes and asking guests to try their own hand at shaking them to life.
The next event, happening on Tuesday 15th September, will be in celebration of Mexican Independence Day, teaching cocktail lovers everything they need to know about the different varieties of the popular Mezcal spirit, and it's better known sub-category, Tequila. Guests are invited to sample some tasty Tequila, mix up some Mezcal cocktails, and raise a glass of agave-goodness in celebration of all things Mexican.
15th September 2015

Mezcal & Mexican Independence

Mezcal may be the hot spirit du jour, but Mexicans have been imbibing many varieties, including the sub-category
tequila, for hundreds of years. Guests will raise a glass of San Cosme, Illegal and Derrumbes mezcals, and shout the  grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores); the cry that has risen over a glass of agave-goodness since it started the War of Independence in Mexico in 1842.

29th September 2015

The Rums of Santa Teresa

Since 1796, the Santa Teresa Family have been a key part of Venezuela’s history. From Simon Bolivar and the South
American revolution to modern day social initiatives, Hacienda Santa Teresa has brought joy and happiness to people through more than just the rum! Attendees will have a chance to taste their award-winning range of rums and learn about the 200 years of production that is behind it.

6th October 2015

Rev Presents Spirited Sermon Special with Makers Mark

London Cocktail Week partners Makers Mark will be coming down for a Spirited Sermon Special. Guests can expect the usual exquisitely crafted Reverend cocktails, lashings of lovely bourbon, fascinating insights into the history andproduction of the spirit, and some good ol’ Kentucky fun.

13th October 2015

Pisco’s of Chile with Kappa Pisco

A spirit category growing in popularity but still misunderstood, Pisco is so much more than the Pisco Sour. Students of this class will learn about the origins of the Chilean incarnation of this complex and historical liquid, whilst sampling some creative and different Pisco libations.

27th October 2015

Day of the Dead Special with El Jimador Tequila

Dia de los Muertos is one of the great festivals in Mexico, where families and communities gather and dress up in
parades to celebrate the lives of departed friends and family members, inviting the spirits back for a visit and helping their passage to the next life. A joyous time often lasting three days, skulls and skeletons are brightly coloured and detailed, with people spending a whole year working on their outfits and figurines. Expect face painting, dancing and  raising glasses of Mexico’s number one tequila, El Jimador!

10th November 2015

Vodka Revealed

The oldest spirit category, Vodka’s history and traditions, as well as production and flavours, are often lost in the  marketing millions spent creating brands and bottles. Guests will have the opportunity to de-mystify the intricate flavours of this spirit with Konik’s Tail, one of the most interesting and flavourful of the pantheon of modern Vodkas.

24th November 2015

Japanese Whisky, A Love Story – with Nikka Whisky’s Stefanie Holt

The birth of Japanese whisky is both beautiful and tragic, with the early attempts at recreating the magic nectar of
Scotland in Japan finally coming to fruition with the birth of the two great Japanese whisky houses, and culminating in the incredibly intricate and complex liquids produced by Japan. These are recognised by experts and aficionados as some of the best whiskies in the world today.

1st December 2015

Repeal Day Special with Old Forester Bourbon

In 1933, after 13 years of bathtub spirits, bootlegging and speakeasies, the 18th Amendment to the constitution of the USA was repealed, ending Prohibition and legalising alcohol for sale and consumption once again. Old Forester Bourbon was one of the only legally available bourbons that continued production during those dark years, and guests will have a chance to celebrate the anniversary of that momentous occasion with one of the oldest and greatest bourbons around.

Arrival from 6pm, masterclass and cocktail making and partaking from 6.30pm-10pm

Book in advance and get 50% off

Tuesdays throughout 2015

Fee: £25 + booking fee including 3 cocktails