If you are lucky enough to visit the UK capital then no night would be complete without taking some time out in one of London's top casinos, and as London has a wide array of world-class establishments which offer a fantastic night out as well as fine dining and entertainment.

Mayfair, the most expensive square to buy a house on in monopoly and in reality, Mayfair still boasts a prestigious post code and happens to be home to The Palm Beach Casino. Situated on Mayfair's Berkley Street the Palm Beach oozes luxury and glamour and boasts superb art deco features as its situated in the old ballroom of the Mayfair Hotel.

Not only is the Palm Beach a stylish and cosmopolitan casino and poker club it is also the only casino in Mayfair where you do not have to be a member which is a great plus point for those simply visiting the capital. Open 24/7 The Palm Beach provides a VIP welcome with a welcome that is second to none.

If you are looking for something grander in size then look no further than 'London's Biggest Night Out' which you will find right in the very heart of Leicester Square.

The Hippodrome Casino is certainly a grand casino as well as being stylish and a little on the quirky side as well. You can get into the building for free and if you are hungry then the Hippodrome offers you the Best Steak Restaurant in London.

In fact, the Hippodrome Casino is not solely designed for gamblers as you can take in a live show, have a cocktail or two and watch live sports. This grand building boasts six bars which have a 24-hour licence, private dining rooms, a cigar bar, outdoor smoking terraces and a Cabaret Theatre bursting at the stays with burlesque.  In fact, Lola's Underground Casino which can be found in the basement is the first of its type in the UK where you can watch live dancers in the centre of the gaming action, just like Las Vegas.

Last in our list of the spectacular is the Colony Club which brings Las Vegas right into the UK but without it being overly done.  The Colony Club is a superb venue which can be found in the Mayfair neighbourhood and is actually only a stone's throw from Park Lane.

Showcasing six continental cuisines where diners can pick from European, Middle Eastern, Oriental, and Asian fare, the cosmopolitan vibes that this classy establishment offers a relaxed and refined experience. Although the casino is members only it's well worth calling in for a meal or a drink, just to take in the ambience of London's most prestigious postcode.

It's lovely to visit the capital once in a while, but if you are unable to do so yet you would like to experience the thrill of playing at a live casino then you could do far worse than trying out an online site that provides you with live dealer casino games in the UK.  Live games are just like those that you play when at a bricks and mortar casino. They are played from a real venue in real time and with a real live human croupier or dealer.

You might have to wait a few minutes to join a table (just like you would have to at a physical casino) but once you are sitting then you will be able to interact with your fellow players, commiserating them if they lose and joining in the celebrations if they win.

All of this is accomplished by the use of a safe and secure stream, and you can play whenever and wherever you choose to simply load your choice into your browser and you are good to go.