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South London's Art Maps are starting a Last Fridays event that will begin on the 25th February. No doubt taking lead from and building on the First Thursdays down Vyner Street, Last Fridays will be a slightly different artistic event.  The art events include printed maps, interactive websites, art tours and Last Fridays late night gallery openings.  The exhibitions will take place around three areas, Bankside, Peckham and Deptford and have a wealth of support behind them including of course the Tate Modern, The South London Gallery, Goldsmiths and Hannah Barry. Maps will ensure that you don't miss a trick and there will also be an online calendar that is regularly updated along with a magazine showing the highlights of each Friday. You can sign up to the website (launching on the 21st) to be kept up to date with galleries and exhibitions in south London who are taking part. South London Art Map will see a run of the most exciting galleries in the capital at the moment joining forces to bring us a diverse amount of art engagement, what's better is that it doesn't seem to be run by any 'powers that be', instead it is supported by them. Which in short means we like it much more that those started by Time Out and the Whitechapel Gallery who apparently threatened to sue anyone doing anything similar - that doesn't show good sportsmanship or a sharing attitude to the public now does it?

First Last Friday : 25th Feb

Late night openings : 6.30-8pm

last fridayslast fridayslast fridays