Maille le drunch

Some of the more savvy amongst you will probably already know but if you don't be aware that drunch is probably about to become a firm fixture on the London socialising scene much like that familiar friend, brunch.

There are two meanings for drunch however. The urban dictionary describes it as a lunch that you get drunk at which we like but then there is also the fact that drunch is normally had later than lunch, much like brunch, at the time between lunch and dinner. Make sense?

Drunch has also of late become somewhat of a trend in France and to illustrate the LeDrunch pop up is coming to London this month.

Maille, those guys that bring you that nice wholegrain mustard is now bringing Le Drunch from the restaurants and homes of Paris to London and the UK.

From 15th-24th March Le Drunch will be launched at the exclusive Maille Boutique in Old Spitalfields Market, London. At the Maille Boutique pop up there will be the opportunity to experience Le Drunch and try a range of delicious Parisian dishes with a selection of Maille’s range of mustards and condiments.