Snow in LondonSnow is here! There is not a huge load of it but there is certainly enough to delay a few trains and just maybe enough to tell your boss it might be worth working at home tomorrow.

As it looks set to snow more this evening get ready for potentially crappy travel conditions tomorrow morning, maybe set your alarm clock an hour earlier.

There have been mixed reactions already to the snow this morning in London, going by Twitter we have had extremes of :

Sam S ‏@ArteSuaveSam : #fucking snow. Wish it would piss off.
It seems that #fuckingsnow is now a new hashtag so if you are a snow hater you can find fellow haters by searching it.
Anyone flying will be glad to know that Heathrow is mostly alright though they are suggesting you keep an eye on your flights just in case.
When it comes to trains for some strange reason the overground is doing just fine but there are severe delays on the underground. They were reported between Aldgate and Baker Street on the Metropolitan Line and The Northern line has also reported minor delays on TFL across the entire line.

Image :

A snow sprinkled Tower of London even before the Ravens are out of bed... Quite,peaceful and maybe a little bit eerie