On the weekend at Holland Park a tube had stopped as they often do for one signal failure or another. Except this time when it stopped the carriages started to fill up with smoke.

It is thought that the smoke was coming from a brake failure but passengers obviously panicked as smoke is not good where ever it's coming from.

A video has been posted online of passengers desperately trying to get off the train. As the doors won't open onlookers try to help to pull them apart causing the inevitable slamming on body parts we have all witnessed on the tube. Another woman tried to squeeze out between carriages.

What we continue to find worrying is that when these incidents are filmed it means that one person is standing by watching everyone else help and struggle. At one point a guy casually walks past and smiles at the camera...

Happily this was not a fire and no one was hurt. Don't get us wrong it's all good to document but sometimes your hands and head might be of better use somewhere else if there is a potential crisis happening.