After relocating to Japan, English born clothing brand, Silas returns to the UK with an eclectic collection of menswear, both garments and accessories for AW2011.

They say:

'Silas are glad to be launching back in the UK with direct acknowledgement of both the brands previous aesthetic and successful tenure in the UK, when it found comfort and cult status immersing itself in sub cultures that enabled their ability to swerve the mainstream and masses via attachment to skateboarding and avant-garde music genres.'

The brand has recognisable Japanese cool attached to it there is no doubt, with cuts o jeans and trousers showing the exact skill that you often find in Japanese fashion brands.

Silas will have a stand alone store due to open in September in Islington. The collection that they bring back to us is one that has an added maturity with the overall garmentry being of a higher standard, patterns, hues, fabrics and a multitude of cuts.