Oh what a tune. Boy were we happy to find this in our inbox this morning! Not to be predictable; but the chorus speaks a thousand words. Catchy to the max!

WE ARE SHINING is a project comprised of two London based music makers, who together have created a hypnotic blend of vocal led beats.

Meeting in London, the duo Acyde and Morgan discovered an affinity for making music combining Morgan's innovative production technique with Acyde's unique vocal style.

Their music exhibits an outright lack of restraint - intense ups and downs, instinctive outbursts, raw beats and random noise - what holds their music together is what should in fact tear it apart. It adheres to no single style or genre but stands out for its unique and forward thinking approach.

WE ARE SHINING have been working on their debut album which features a host of surprise collaborations.

Watch this space for more from WE ARE SHINING…