In a cosy nock of Shepherd market in mayfair you'll find the newly open Shepherd Market Wine House.

Much unlike the other drinking hole offerings in the area the Shepherd Market Wine House (we're going to abbreviate that to SMWH from here on out) offers a no fuss, no frills, totally relaxed wine drinking and charcuterie munching service with a feeling of the Provence thrown in to boot.

2fbb1e_74439d4a6fb447e2b6d3ac78003d5283If you are someone that things they would never feel comfortable going out drinking in Mayfair then the SMWH will change all that.

Don't be deceived though, the small and friendly bar has some trump cards up it's sleeves, not least the little sausage dog that's often part of the staff.... here you can find all sorts of wines, champagnes and proseccos. You can also try bottles by the glass courtesy of the oh-so-handy Coravin wine system that would usually cost you hundreds by the bottle and never be on a glass list.

2fbb1e_fdec274b9566429f98274537df61ef8bThis bar strikes a brilliant balance wether you know masses about wines or whether you would love to learn more. With a small area of outdoor seating, a perfectly put together selection of charcuterie and cheese boards and extremely knowledgeable staff SMWH is a winner and worth a visit for a long cosy night, a pre dinner drink or pre drink drink!

Opening Times: Monday–Saturday 11am–11pm / Sundays 12noon–10pm

21-23 Shepherd Market, London, W1J 7PN

0207 499 8555