After the success of her self-released enigmatic EP “Children of Silk” and the worldwide screening of her debut short film 'The Formula', Sevdaliza had an incredible year of touring the world independently without having to release her debut album. Now the songstress/producer is back with her latest piece of music, ‘TIME’.

The process of Time was more than special. 'Time' has been crafted over the past 1.5 years, and has been composed in 5 different countries by Sevdaliza and Mucky. Sevdaliza remained working on it slowly like a painting, adding and scraping elements until she found it to be ready to let go of. Sevdaliza's melancholic, visceral voice floats over beds of mechanical instrumentation, creating dynamics of chaos and order. Her songs have a philosophical questioning character and her air of independent power is strongly present throughout her career. Diverse comparisons have been drawn yet it remains a difficulty to specify her in a particular genre. Rhythmic tensions build slowly into chaotic climaxes. Every retribution of her lyrics become more intense and personal, yet she isn’t able to break from that obscure statue of a woman.


'Time' is now available worldwide: