Did you see the Pepsi MAX bus shelter that tricked you into thinking you were about to be zapped by a giant robot or attacked by a tiger?

No? Well then we suggest you find it - you can see a video of it in action below - we're really impressed with the concept.

The bus stop has been bringing unexpected surprises to commuters in London – with bewildered pedestrians stunned by giant attacking robots and Bengal tigers running down the streets towards them.

As part of its Unbelievable campaign, Pepsi Max fitted Augmented Reality technology to bus stop advertising boards in central London, giving the illusion of a see through display… but with unbelievable and unexpected scenes 'mapped' over the live feed. These included:

- a Bengal tiger running loose through the streets

- An alien abduction

- Giant robots attacking pedestrians

- A meteorite explosion on the pavement

If you want to go and find these magical bus stops for yourself then head on down to Oxford Street where you'll find them.