Gearing up for his new album 207 LP, west London producer Sahil unveils his new single "Memoirs" via Complex UK. Having previously released a future bass anthem by the name of "207", with producer Skit , which has racked up approximately 50,000 plays, this new single slows things down to a much more ethereal, progressive R&B vibe. Grabbing Montreal-based singer Nicole Musoni, "Memoirs" offers up a brooding listen, illustrating a relationship that took a turn for the worst. We also get some live instrumentation in the form of a guitar solo from Mencel, as well as a beat change towards the end, which takes things to a much more darker setting.

"Memoirs" is a track that may not be as hard-hitting as "207", but one that shows Sahil's diversity and ability to merge different soundscapes together, creating something more experimental, but still rooted in R&B. Stay tuned for the 207 LP!