Mini not normal rob flowers and wj london

After artist and illustrator Rob Flowers created an amazing car cover for us a couple of months ago we wanted to have a little chat with him about the project.

The brilliantly illustrated car was off whizzing around London about Fashion Week time so let us know if you spotted it!

Rob said that when it came to getting his artwork on the Mini as part of the Mini not Normal Campaign he was "extremely pleased!" He went on to add -  "It''s really awesome seeing your work on a car! The opportunity to see my stuff in a 3D application is always ace."

We asked him, what challenges were there making an image to put on the car?

"Working to a flat template for the car was the biggest challenge. Trying to get my head around how the design would wrap around the contours of the car was a bit tough in places."

What were your thoughts and inspirations behind it?

"The initial brief was 'urban camouflage' so I thought the design would work best if I used some urban elements -   hoodies, pigeons, graffiti, etc & contrast them against some things that reoccur in my work - mushrooms, trees, foliage. I also wanted to have a repeat pattern feel to the design. "

What projects are you working on now? 

"At the moment I'm putting the finishing touches to a Heath Robinson inspired mural for a London design agency as well as designing some circus themed characters for a lifestyle shop in Dalston & designing a CNC cut totem pole for a couple of events promoting next years Pick Me Up London festival. I'm also working on some wooden dioramas of mythical beasts, which I'm hoping to put into production in the next couple of weeks. "

If you love the outcome as much as we do you can keep up with Rob's work here. And if you love Mini you can see the latest teaser for their all new Mini about to launch later this month.