rickshwIt's no secret that Boris wanted them banned from the streets of central London as he classed them as dangerous but what do you think about Rickshaws?

This picture was taken last night by @cabbypetemfc when a Rickshaw tipped over in the road leaving those on board to crawl out onto the road.

Currently anyone can get a rickshaw and begin earning some money from ferrying people around the west end. However a report submitted to the government in June suggested the vehicles should be licensed.

In the past three years there have been 20 collisions which resulted in injury, according to the report.

They don't however go that fast, and really, it's only the size that makes them any different from a bicycle on the roads. However seeing as they are unlicensed  passengers do get in them at their own risk. You are highly unlikely to be covered for any injury you might get from riding in a rickshaw.

Good or bad? Do you take rickshaws? What do you think?