Colour pout lip penDoes anyone remember how amazing the Collection 2000 black eyeliner was back in the day? It was the one we all fought over at school because it was just the best you could find and it was such a bargain! 99p if I remember correctly.

Now we have been reintroduced to Collection 2000 and they are doing a big push with new hero products and there's a lot more then just the eyeliner to shout about.

Our favourite product so far is the Colour Pout lip stain. This is a new product to us as we've just found it but we are instantly in love.

The Colour Pout is a lip stain pen from Collection 2000 (now rebranded Collection) looks very much like a marker pen and comes in a range of colours, 'tease' being the perfect colour if you want to go with that just there makeup look. Ie highly flattering but not looking like you have caked it on.

The pen gives perfect precision and the stain lasts. It's basically like colouring your lips in with the Photoshop brush - your lips are still there just a better colour.

You'll find these amazing pens at Superdrug for £4.99.