After an endless (or what seems like it) summer, full of lazy days in the park and never-ending cider Sundays, what better way to get ready for the change in seasons (it’s coming) then a life-affirming, reinvigorating facial. We went to try out Dr Leah Totton’s clinic in Moorgate and we were very impressed, leaving feeling transformed and ready for whatever autumn has to throw at us.

The Apprentice winner's (yes you did recognise her) salon is sleek and clinical but with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Don’t expect candles or soothing music, this facial’s all about treating your skin medically to get right down to the route of any skin ailments and solve them. Think more microdermabrasion, (non-harmful) chemical peels and phototherapy treatment with LED lights on your skin to accelerate skin cell repair and encourage collagen production.

The whole thing kicks off with a quick consultation – what your regular skin routine is, what you eat (and drink – there’s nowhere to hide) and you’ll then be given a DIY specialised facial. It’s a bespoke treatment which is suited to your needs - so you’re not getting a one-fits-all job – and it’s one of the best treatments we’ve had in London.

It’s not cheap, at £120 for the 60-minute bespoke facial, but if you can afford it, it's an investment. Not only do you leave with a visibly clearer, calmer and brighter complexion – which lasted for a few weeks afterwards – you’re also given information and advice on what to do to keep your skin that way ALL the time, from the stuff you eat and drink, to the beauty products you put on your face every day.

If facial's aren't your thing - there's a host of other treatments available such as pain-free laser hair removal (trust us) which currently has a 15% discount.