Runs: Two

Mood: Baths are my saviour

Lessons learnt: Stay positive

It’s week eight and I’m still alive, this is a positive and is slightly improving my mood while setting my alarm for 5.30 in the morning in order to get a run in before work.

I’ve learnt that having a 9-5 job makes marathon training pretty much impossible. It’s dark in the morning and the evening and unless you have the social life of a sloth you need to try and cram in running in the morning or at the weekend.

My runs are hurting less (at last) but this is mainly because I’ve upped my stretching and am probably getting a little fitter.

One heavenly discovery is the power of the bath. I’m a long-time bath fan but have recently taken to lying in a hot bath until I’ve become prune-like to help my muscles relax. I’ve got a range of different bath products but so far the number one by a long shot is the Elemis muscle soak. It seems to have been made with super healing powers and is also a great way to send you off to sleep (get out of bath first).

It’s four weeks to go now which by my calculations means I can get around a minimum of 16 bath hours in before the race which I’m decidedly more excited about then the thing itself.

My other new discovery is energy gels. These babies are pretty much the only thing getting me through the long runs and give you an instant boost of energy going round.

If you want to help please send your tips to me, anything from what to wear and how to stay warm to the best post-run exercises and stretches and what I should be eating and drinking. You can find me on Twitter at @rebecca_rutt or via email at Becky@whosjack.org. I’m running to raise money for the Stroke Association and you can motivate me (via donations) at my Virgin Giving page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RebeccaRutt