Rekorderlig - Perfect Pitcher - Summer Cup-01Some of us might find the thought of getting a load of cocktail ingredients pretty taxing and that's where this post comes in. Rekorderlig have launched a whole selection of easy cocktail recipes just in time for the Bank Holiday that include our favourite cider.

Basically we don't need to persuade you too much to try these at home the jug, the Rekorderlig colours and the thoughts of a flavoured pitcher should speak for itself.

There are a collection of cocktail recipes below so you can try something different this weekend. It really does seem like Rekorderlig is going to be all anyone is drinking this summer and now you have a perfect BBQ pitcher list of drinks to add to your bottles in the fridge.

The limited edition cocktail collection balances flavours from the refreshing Rekorderlig range with delicious ingredients to create a unique style of mixology that encourages  cider fans to become  cocktail connoisseurs.

The range of cocktail Rekorderlig includes   the ‘Svenska Cup’ the creme-de-la-creme of summer cocktails bursting with strawberries, mint, cucumber, lime, elderflower and mixed with Absolut vodka, finished with Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig for a mouthwatering taste.


Also the ‘Passionfruit Collins’. Combine Rekorderlig’s limited edition Passionfruit flavour with fresh lemon juice, soda water, Passionfruit vodka and passionfruit puree. Shake together and garnish with a lemon twist.

For those that like the classics, the ‘Midsummer Martini’  mixes vanilla gomme, gin and lemon juice topped with Apple & Blackcurrant Rekorderlig, giving a satisfyingly bitterly-smooth experience. For the sophisticated and sweet toothed the ‘Rekorderlini’ contains monin chocolate shaken with champagne and Pear Rekorderlig, garnished with cherries offering an elegant edge.

There is also the ‘Swedish House Beet’. Mixing Apple Rekorderlig with Courvoisier, slices of fresh beetroot, mint and fresh lemon juice served in a rocks glass, this recipe is a fine concoction for the more adventurous drinker. And the ‘Stockholm Storm’ offers a sunny taste of Sweden for all to enjoy. In a jug add Brugal blanco, Brugal anejo and coconut rum, stir in chambord and orange juice and top with Mango and Raspberry Rekorderlig.

The range of cider cocktails will launch at the Rekorderlig Swedish Midsummer House this  June. Visit the Rekorderlig  Facebook page for ticket information and the Rekorderlig website for the cocktail recipes.

Rekorderlig - Perfect Pitcher - Storm of the Century-03

Svenska Cup – 9.9% ABV – 1.45 units

2 strawberries (quartered)
4 cubes cucumber
8 mint leaves
10ml fresh lime juice
10ml elderflower cordial
30ml Absolut vodka
100ml Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig

Glass: large wine glass  Garnish: mint sprig

Add cubed ice into a large wine glass. Add strawberry, cucumber and mint. Pour in vodka, elderflower, lime and Rekorderlig. Stir gently and garnish with a mint sprig.

Passionfruit Collins 9.1% ABV | 1.73 units

40ml 42Below Passionfruit vodka

20ml fresh lemon juice

10ml passionfruit puree

20ml soda water

100ml Rekorderlig Passionfruit

Garnish: Lemon twist Glass: Highball

Add cubed ice into a boston shaker and add all ingredients apart from the cider. Shake ingredients hard and double strain into glass. Top with Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider.

 Midsummer Martini – 10.6% ABV - 1.8 units

20ml Monin vanilla gomme
30ml Brokers Gin
20ml fresh lemon juice
100ml Apple & Blackcurrant Rekorderlig

Glass: martini glass  Garnish: lemon twist

Chill a martini glass. Add cubed ice into a cocktail shaker and add all ingredients apart from the cider. Shake ingredients hard and double strain into glass. Top with Rekorderlig. Add lemon twist.

Rekorderlini – 21.9% ABV – 3 units

2 glace cherries
10ml Monin chocolate blanc syrup

10ml fresh lemon juice

20ml champagne
100ml Pear Rekorderlig

Glass: champagne flute

Garnish: cherry

Add cubed ice into a cocktail shaker and add all ingredients apart from the cider. Shake ingredients hard and double strain into glass. Top with Rekorderlig. Add cherry.

Swedish House Beet – 9.7% ABV – 1.55 units

2 slices beetroot
20ml fresh lemon juice 10ml gomme

30ml Courvoisier
6 mint leaves
100ml Apple Rekorderlig

Glass: rocks glass Garnish: lemon twist & mint sprig

Muddle beetroot in a cocktail shaker and add cubed ice. Add all ingredients apart from the cider. Shake ingredients hard and double strain into glass. Top with Rekorderlig. Add lemon twist and mint sprig.

Stockholm Storm – 10.9% ABV – 1.96 units

10 ml Brugal blanco

10ml Brugal anejo

10ml Mahiki coconut rum

10ml Chambord

30ml Orange juice

100ml Mango & Raspberry Rekorderlig

Glass: Hurricane glass Garnish: Orange wedge & mint sprig

Build all ingredients in a hurricane glass over cubed ice and serve with orange wedges and a mint sprig garnish