Regent Street Cinema One of the oldest cinema's in Britain on Regent Street is to be restored and reopened.

Since it was last opened as a cinema the Regent Street venue has been a x rated cinema, photographic studio and an exam hall and now it'll be restored to it's former film showing glory days.

This London cinema hosted the first ever moving-image film in the UK so it really is about time for it to be re-opened.

The project is going to cost £6m project as the cinema is given state of the art projection and sound and its auditorium will be returned to its original late-Victorian grandeur.

Sarah Carthew, who has led fundraising has said that the refurbished cinema will be a world away from the multiplexes of the West End and also be competitively-priced when it comes to seats.

The Regent Street cinema stopped being used in the 1980s, and its re-opening is scheduled in for November next year.

The Regent Street Cinema is just north of Oxford Circus and has held many historical events, including early experiments with diving bells and electrification.

The building originally had such a reputation for innovation this was why the first moving image was shown there. In 1896 early cinema pioneers the Lumière brothers showed 10 50-second films there. The audience apparently ducked in amazement when they saw an image of a train coming towards them.

In 1841 it became the first photographic studio in Europe and in 1951, it hosted the first X certificate film, Life Begins Tomorrow, which included allegedly racy scenes of hospitals and nightclubs.

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