Raleigh Ritchie returns to our ears with a brand new track today. Alongside TDE's Sounwave, the "Stronger Than Ever" vocalist has hit us with "Never Say Die", a track which speaks on the perils of emotions and dark mind space. While the track won't feature on the album, it's the perfect example of Ritchie's ability to be able to harness a more global sound.

Speaking to The Fader, Raleigh states:

“I guess the song explores the idea that even the most fast living people hit a roadblock at some point, and actually those people are more vulnerable to self-destruction. You can spread yourself out too thinly until there's not much left of you. I was one of those people for a time and I guess I just wanted to talk about it, try and find a way to make peace with it. I hope there's a bit of triumph in the face of that too, that it's something you can come out the other end a stronger person and live another day.”

With true emotion surging through both the timbre and lyricism, we're sure this one is going to be in our heads for a while.