If you're a Superga you have no need to give up your favourite foot options for the winter months. Not any more.

We popped down to their Spitalfields store today to have a look at their offering for both winter and some exclusives that can only be found in the Spitalfields shop.

So what's the hardest thing to take about sticking with plimsolls come winter time? The cold and the damp right? In Superga's case you would be wrong - the answer would be nothing. This is because you have several options on hand to negate any winter irritations when it comes to your precious trotters. Firstly you can choose from a waterproof outer and insulated inner with their weather proof collection - which, we might add- have cool red laces and gold eyelets that we're loving. Or - you can choose to go toasty warm with a fur lined inner to keep out winter chills.

If you want to firmly state your fashionable efforts with your shoes however, you can plump for the platform option - happily keeping your feet out of any puddles, giving you height and also some brilliant animal print options if you get down to the Spitalfields Superga (as these are a special edition only available in this shop). We also think these may be our favourites.

So now that the new is out - you don't need to forgo your plimsoll love just because the cold weather is coming - what are you waiting for?