Plan B has shared the video for his latest single from the Ill Manors album - Playing With Fire.

This track features the genius skills of Labrinth, who is currently holding the number one spot with his single 'Beneath Your Beautiful', which features our new national treasure - Emily Sande.

Plan B's latest single also features the sultry and spooky vocals of Etta Bond, the no-nonsense, female power-house who has recently released an EP with Diplo's beloved DJ extraordinaire Raf Riley -ExR - Emergency Room.

Etta and Labrinth put on more than a good show, but the video is overwhelmed by Ben Drew, (who is looking pretty damn fine currently), and his undeniable musicianship. This man is super, super talented at making music.

The video also features clips from the Ill Manors film and makes for a touching watch, along with the mesmerizing fire visuals.

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