Piebury Corner Holloway

The London Pie Deli that began as a stall on Arsenal Match Days has won all sorts of awards for its brilliant pies and now it has a permanent home.

Piebury Corner Pie Deli has set up shop in Holloway adding to the area’s nice new additions of bars and eateries.

It’s hard to miss as it is the smartest establishment on the road currently with cream wall tiles and a slick black awning. The tables are cunningly fashioned form the ticket stalls and the whole place has a distinctive factory feel.

The pies are not huge but that’s a good thing as they are rich and coupled with the red wine gravy and smooth but not sloppy mash one is enough to fill up even the biggest bellies.

Don’t be put off by the fact that these pies got their reputation from football fans after games. They really are deli pies and have a whole host of fillings to prove it including pork and apple, venison and more.

A pie and mash and drink (if you go down an alcoholic route) will set you back £9.50 which does seem a lot but then they are damn good pies.

209 -211 Holloway Road
N7 8DL

020 7700 5441