Peckham Rye multi-storey car park is going to be turned into a multi use arts building if Bold Tendencies has anything to do with it.

The car park, which each summer up until now has played host to art installations and of course Frank's Cafe  is being pushed to be an all year around artistic venue and house a PeckhamPlex cinema on the ground floor.

Bold Tendencies, a not for profit organisation are campaigning for the shift of use that will also include light industrial spaces, studio spaces and independent galleries.

The Peckham Rye car park has certainly seen better days but became much more of a focus for art lovers in the area when Frank's Cafe, an outdoor cafe serving drinks and a few wholefood snacks opened up on the roof through a joint venture (initially) with Campari.

franks campari bar peckham rye

There is already an annual summer sculpture show in the car park, to date it has attracted half a million visitors — including Tate director Nicholas Serota and Jay Jopling of White Cube so there is certainly an interest for art in the area.

This is a project that is highly likely to get off the ground. If Hannah Barry of Bold Tendencies can count Kickstarter Yancey Strickler co founder as a friend then she should have no trouble finding the cash to get this underway.

We think it's a great project and have spent many an afternoon sat in the often windy but always chilled Frank's cafe so are well behind the idea.