peckham peace wall goes on permanent displayA peace wall created by Peckham residents following last summer's riots has gone on permanent display in Peckham Square.

As any London can't fail to remember a series of rather terrifying riots took place on the streets of London last August following the killing of Mark Duggan. However in true British style we picked up our broom sticks and got to work clearing up the mess.

The peace wall was originally the idea of Peckham Shed who asked residents to express their feelings towards the riots on post it notes. So popular was the wall that residents campaigned for it to be put behind glass and preserved for all to see as a reminder of why such chaos shouldn't happen again.

Thew news of the display comes on the same day that it was revealed that 1,8000 years worth of sentences have been handed out to those who took place in the 2011 riots.