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Look we’re just going to go ahead and say it: Pam Hogg is the one show at London Fashion Week we consistently look forward to every single season. It’s hard to believe that a designer that consistently commands mile-long queues down the road, a literal elbows-at-dawn charge to get in at the doors and a celebrity friend-filled guest list that reads like the rock’n’roll hall of fame has only been part of the official main schedule since SS18. And that doesn’t even take into account Pam’s fierce, unabashed creative strength and identity, which she has honed to a fine art of familiar signature details delivered with a hefty dose of the unexpected.

Venus in Phurr was the name of the game for this London Fashion Week, and that’s exactly what we got: bold, sensual, exaggerated embodiments of female sexuality, trussed up in fur. For AW19 the delectable Dr Hogg brought erotica to the masses that packed out the vestibule of Freemason’s Hall with a provocative collection that played with BDSM attire and culture in all its splendour, yet coupled it with the contrasting notions of submission, dominance and compliance. Leather, whips, chains, studs and PVC fulfilled the expectations of the story in shades of black, red and gold, whilst the titillating reveal and conceal of flesh through mesh bodysuits and the scantily clad form ensures there was a no way to hide behind the policy, ‘No sex please, we’re British’. With Pam’s eternal muse Alice Dellal cracking her whip and tipping her PVC hat, she guaranteed that the audience were given the thrilled they were expecting and no doubt craving. But it was the pieces that deviated from these tropes that left the greatest impression: angelic, virginal whites and frou-frou powder blues in almost Victorian-esque ankle lengths that offered an alternative take on female sexuality that denoted innocence and enjoyment in equal measure.

Venus herself is the embodiment of love and godly femininity, but that doesn’t mean she’s a prude. After all, she was never one for covering up and now that she walks on Earth, she does so with the same appreciation for her body – with just a few furry nipples pasties, landing strips and a cleverly-positioned ‘Venus’ to shield us from becoming too overwhelmed by her beautiful presence.

Away from the chaos and frenzy of the sexually charged, we were treated to some real Pam classics with studded berets and chic buckled separates in punchy candy pink, yellow and khaki, along with a new-season reinterpretation of her famed rainbow bodysuit. It was a little of what we know; a lot of what we didn’t know or could even hope to anticipate – exactly as a Pam Hogg show should be.

Words: Camilla Hunt | Fashion Editor | @camillamcleanhunt
Runway images: Eloise Peachy | Fashion Week Photographer | @eloisepeachyphoto
Backstage images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photographer | @tegalouise

London Fashion Week can be tiring – what with being on your feet all day and running between shows with barely a moment to grab a Pret sandwich, so the chance to step into the POSTER GIRL spa at the BFC Discovery Lab was very welcome.

Except this was no ordinary salon, this was sixties ‘Beauty School Dropout’ on acid. Neon lights lit the room whilst disco tunes played in the background – okay, so not quite the relaxing scenario we had in mind!


Some models lounged on psychedelic-swirl chairs in face masks and hair rollers, others posed in line waiting for their treatments whilst the salon receptionist flicked through a vintage copy of Vogue and answered the kitschy lip-shaped telephone.

And what was on the treatment list? Retro-print knitted co-ords, cycling shorts, metallic slip dresses, plunging necklines and pink, pink and more pink.

The designers' micro-metal mesh dresses from SS19 were there, this time updated in bubble gum pink and magenta and layered over a bell sleeve top.

The knitwear gave a sixties vibe but with a contemporary twist; there were leggings, a flared jumpsuit, polo-style tops and cycling shorts – all with zip-up detailing.  The Hackney-based design duo, Francesca Capper and Natasha Somerville, pride themselves on ensuring all garments are adjustable to fit each individual body shape with ease. And they were keen to show off the versatility of the pieces – a model who looked to be in her sixties or seventies showed the clothes weren't just for the young. She sat under a retro hair drying hood in a ribbed-knit midi dress, paired with magenta tights and fluffy salon slippers of course.

The looks were accessorised with super-pointy mules, transparent bags and candy jewellery – gummy rings and fizzy strips were crafted into chunky necklaces and cherry jellies dangled from the model's earlobes.

Would we like to book for a future appointment? Absolutely!

Words by: Lucy Hardy

Images by: Jessamine Cera

Now it's time to talk about the unofficial catwalk show – London Fashion Week Street Style. Season after season those who visit the runways never disappoint in dressing to impress. We’ve snapped just a few of our favourites from LFW AW19, so you can get some inspiration on what to be wearing this season – before you get started on the next.

The sun was somewhat shining this season, however the cold chill lingered – meaning there was a mix of summer shades with weather appropriate silhouettes. From metallic jackets and transparent rain jackets to sunglasses and palm tree print blazers, this edit has everything you could ask for.

Some of the favourites we spotted had to be the oversized jewellery and retro inspired glasses – it really is the little accessories that complete an outfit. Keep scrolling for more, you’re welcome!



Words: Andrea McCaul| Fashion Week Press | @andreaelizam
Images: Eloise Peachey |Fashion Week Photographer | @eloisepeacheyphoto

Do you dream of working from home? Are you stuck in a 9-5 that just doesn’t inspire you? Or maybe you’re wondering how you can fill your time whilst the little ones are napping? Many of us dream of having our own little business; we all hear of incredible success stories where a huge multi million pound business began at a kitchen table. Or maybe you just want to work for yourself, and have a little extra income? Whatever your dreams might be, don’t wait on them anymore, why not make 2019 the year that you finally make a start on your future.

You don’t have to have a small fortune to start a business or have investments to fall back on – click the link to find out more about the latest in investments – all you need is a little time, a plan and determination to see it through. Read on for 5 start-up businesses you could start at home.

Cake making

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Is there anything more straightforward? Anyone can make money from cleaning, whether you start small and help an elderly neighbour or a busy mum for a couple of hours, or you take it to the next level and start cleaning offices and workspaces. All you need is some cleaning equipment and a means of transportation to get started.

House sitting

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Dog walking

With so many commitments and work getting in the way, many people struggle to find the time to walk their dogs, turning to dog walkers instead. If you love dogs and enjoy getting out and about, then this job is one you’ll enjoy. Again, start by building a reputation via your friends and family’s pets first on your social media pages.


If you enjoy taking photographs and are pretty confident with a camera, then why not look into photography? From nightclubs, to birthday parties, even weddings and business shoots, people will pay good money to have special moments captured. Try enrolling in a photography course in your chosen field to brush up on your skills.

A catwalk held in Freemasons’ Hall, Junne’s AW19 collection showcased just what the brand has always stood for – designs for women with an individual and bold taste for fashion.

Starting the show with a pop, orange silhouettes made their way onto the runway with fun illustrations and frayed detailing setting the tone for the entire show.

A colour palette of bright orange and green mixed with pastel purples and versatile navy shades, this collection had something for everyone. Featured within the knitwear was a shimmery fabric similar to that of a mermaid (yes this was my first thought!) that really made a statement. One of my favourite bits of detailing had to be the colourful circular cut outs featured throughout the knitted jumpers, coats and hats – adding to the playful nature of this collection.

Yup you read that right I mentioned hats, but that wasn’t the only accessory that featured with scarfs, oversized jewellery, sunglasses, belts and handbags all seen in this collection alongside the outfits - showing you the true potential of each design and how it could be incorporated into any wardrobe.

Junne began its journey in 2015, and every season blends extravagance & elegance to make the perfect combination of the two. It is a name you know will make you stand out from the crowd, while delivering high quality & absolute comfort at the same time!


Words: Andrea McCaul| Fashion Week Press | @andreaelizam
Images: Eloise Peachey |Fashion Week Photographer | @eloisepeacheyphoto