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The fashion gods have pleased once more, with the catwalk filled with perfect pieces we can’t wait to fill our wardrobes within 2019. Whether you are looking for a complete style transformation or are after a few key pieces to revamp your look, there are tonnes of beautiful buys to choose from. Here are our favourite trends for the year ahead.

Pleats to Please

Pleats made a comeback last year, and we’re happy to tell you that they’re not going anywhere. This year, you’ll find intricately designed micro-pleats that are much tighter than before. This creates a beautifully flowing silhouette that is flattering for any figure. If you want to work this trend into your wardrobe, opt for a midi-length skirt that you can dress up for evenings or dress down for the office. It will become your wardrobe staple before you know it.

Tie-Dye to Die For

The patterned print is back. Does the thought of tie-dye take your mind back to your younger years? Give into the nostalgia by taking on this trend in 2019. If your style is more subdued, opt for a two-tone tie-dye maxi dress for the summer in blue or yellow shades. For those of you brave enough to go bold, you can take inspiration from the catwalks and invest in a matching two-piece.  

Fabulous Fringing

Did I hear a yee-hah?! One of our favourite trends for 2019 is fringing. We’re super excited about this trend because it is so versatile and can be achieved in a variety of ways. Why not opt for a beautiful bag with fringe detailing, a cowboy inspired jacket, or a fringed skirt? There is no right or wrong way to nail this trend, so experiment!

Burst of Sunshine

For those of you who loved the copper colours that filled our wardrobes last summer, have no fear, they’re here to stay! Red, coppers and sunshine yellow are still big in the fashion world, and we couldn’t be happier. Try pairing wardrobe staples such as a tote bag, leather boots and jeans with a copper coloured jacket to incorporate this trend expertly into your wardrobe.

Polished Tailoring

Think sharp silhouettes. Expertly tailored lines. A perfectly polished look. That’s the beauty of the tailoring trend – it is the ultimate smart and professional style that women of all shapes and sizes can rock with confidence. Try a pair of tailored trousers with a crisp white shirt and a belt to synch you in at the waist.

Living in London definitely has its advantages. However, its houses and apartments aren’t exactly known for their cosy charm. Living in a city can be tough when you prefer a more rural home. However, did you know there are ways to add a cosy, rural feel to your London property?

Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to make your London home feel more like a rural retreat.

Layer up your fabrics

When it comes to creating a cosy country home feel, fabrics are a great tool to use. Country homes are all about warmth, so you’re going to want to make sure you not only have multiple types of fabrics, but that you layer them up correctly too.

A great tip is to invest in a mixture of wooden and fabric furniture. Adding a velvet chair from a respected company such as Cox & Cox, can add a real warm feel to the room. You can also add faux fur rugs, thick woollen throws and velvety cushions.

Focus on wooden furniture and flooring

Rural homes tend to use a lot of wooden furniture and flooring. So, if you have the budget it’s worth investing in either an engineered or a solid wood floor. Alternatively, you could opt for a wood-effect vinyl floor which would provide the aesthetics of wood but it’s much more affordable than the real thing.

You’ll also want to focus on adding wooden elements to the kitchen. If you don’t have the budget to invest in wooden surfaces, you can always just opt for reclaimed wooden stools instead.

Paint the home a warm shade

While neutral colour schemes can add elegance and brighten up the room, a warm shade will help to create a cosier setting. Painting the room doesn’t cost a lot, but it can make a dramatic difference to how it looks. Think warm reds, pastel pinks, bright yellows and purple for the cosiest feel in the room.

Make use of candles

Another small yet effective way to add a rural effect into your London property is to use candles. There’s something about candles that adds a cosy, comforting feel to the room. If you use scented candles, you’ll also get the benefits of luscious scents, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.

It’s really not that difficult to turn your city apartment into a cosy rural retreat. The above is some of the best tips you can follow. If you incorporate each tip into the home, you’ll notice a dramatic difference to how it feels. Even just following one of the tips will help you to make a significant difference.

Want to give your home a trendy makeover? Adding accent colours to a room is a great way to alter its ambience without spending a fortune. By adding little splashes of colour, it helps to enhance the look of existing colour schemes, giving the room a more modern, stylish feel.

If you’re new to accent colours don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to use them throughout the home. To help, below you’ll discover some top tips for adding accent colours to a room.

Choosing the best accent colour

In order to make sure the accent colour effectively enhances the room, you’re going to need to choose the colour wisely. The key thing to remember is that the accent colour should complement your existing colour scheme. You’ll typically find bright colours work best as an accent colour and they give you the opportunity to really experiment with colours you wouldn’t feel comfortable using in large quantities. Think purples, reds and yellows.

Take your time to find the best complementing accent colour which will fit in perfectly with your existing colour scheme.

Adding colour with fabrics

There are many ways to add accent colours to a room and fabrics are one of the best. Say you’re going with a red accent colour. You can use rugs, throws and cushions to add a splash of colour to the room. You could also use red curtains from a high-quality supplier such as Direct Blinds.

Fabrics are inexpensive, yet they have the power to really enhance the look of a room; especially if you use strong accent colours.

Other great ways to add accent colours to a room

As well as using fabrics and paint, there are lots of other ways to add accent colours to a room. For example, you could use flowers to add a subtle accent colour. A fresh bouquet on the kitchen table will add pops of colour, while also adding a beautiful scent into the room too. You could also use artificial flowers for the same effect.

Artwork can also help to add colour to the room. As well as adding a splash of colour, they also help to bring your personality into the room. You’ll find a huge choice of different artworks out there, so you should easily find something to complement your existing colour scheme.

Overall, adding accent colours into the room isn’t as difficult as you might think. The above is some of the best ways to do it without spending a fortune. The key is to focus on adding little splashes of colour that complement your interior design. You can use fabrics, artwork, paint, flowers and accessories to achieve the desired effect.

Once Christmas is over, the tree is taken down and the last coffee cream-flavoured chocolate has been put out of its misery, it’s time to think about your summer holiday. This might seem like a tall order, especially when you’re looking over your bank and credit card statements, but good financial planning starts early. It also (unfortunately) starts with the boring part – paying off debt!

Spend January working on your Christmas debt

Hopefully, you don’t have too much debt because you used a budget calculator before Christmas last year to avoid overspending. Even if you’re pretty much in the black, you may still have some lingering credit card balances or a small overdraft, so work on reducing or eliminating these hangers-on so that you’re as free as possible.

Have a dry month

Everyone else is doing Dry January, so why not follow the crowds for once? You might find you have no choice anyway if all your mates have sworn themselves off the sauce until February! Think about how much you spend on those cheeky Martinis after work on a Wednesday, as well as how much more you spend on a Saturday, then put these amounts towards debts or savings. Don’t live like a hermit, though, or you’ll end up splurging sometime around January 20 and you’ll ruin all your good work. Organise a cheap pot luck night or have an evening of board games.

Start thinking about next Christmas

Seriously. You can’t start early enough! Scour the sales for anything that you know will come in handy next Christmas. Only buy it if it’s got a steep discount (at least 50% off) and won’t go off or look dated by December. If you’ve already stolen a bit of a march here, then you won’t feel so restricted when you think about summer hols.

Start looking for cheap flights

If you have a destination in mind, or even if you don’t, then start looking for flights and accommodation deals. Depending on the season you plan to travel in, there’s an ideal flight booking window of time. For summer it’s around 45-50 days before the date of travel, so you do have some wiggle room. Of course, you might prefer to hold out for a last-minute deal, but if you don’t know what the going rates for flights and villas are, then you won’t know a good deal when you see one.

Deposit savings into an international card or account

If you know which currency you’ll be using on your holiday, then you can start converting small amounts as you save them. If you turn down a night out, convert the £40 you would have spent into your destination currency. If you decide to buy fewer cakes and coffees at lunchtime at work, then deposit the £2, £3 and so on into your prepaid international card. Watch out for Brexit news, because whatever happens it’ll affect the value of the pound and it might be worth converting your travel money into Sterling and back again if there are big movements.

2019 marks 500 years since the city of Havana was founded. In this auspicious year, a London pop up experience is celebrating in the quintessentially Cuban way -  with live music, salsa dancing, and rum. Having launched in late 2018, Last Nights Of Havana brings the distinctive tastes, sounds and spirit of pre-revolution Cuba to Tobacco Dock and is the perfect place to pay homage to this legendary city.

Originally known as Villa de San Cristobal de La Habana, 1519 was the year in which Havana was founded by Spanish settlers, making it the seventh village of Cuba. This city, which buzzes with music and is rich in colour and culture, is celebrating by restoring some of its historic building and planning a huge programme of parties, cultural events and concerts. Last Nights Of Havana will run for a limited number of nights this Spring, allowing Londoners to enjoy a taste of these celebrations.

A celebration of rum, jazz, dance and decadence, Last Nights of Havana brings the glamour of pre-revolution Cuba straight to London's Tobacco Dock. Guests can dance the night away with professional salsa dancers and enjoy live jazz from Cuban-born band Sambroso Sambroso, while sipping on delicious rum cocktails and munching authentic Cuban street food.