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My favourite car ever was a ‘vintage’ VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet, we used to call her White Lightening. She was pretty special until things started to go wrong with her. The perils of having an older car in London and parking by the roadside really. She should have had a garage at her age.

One day her accelerator peddle just dropped clean off (I now know how to fix this problem!), another day I found her flooded (leaves stuck in the grills) and then one day, we were driving back from Reading Festival and I can’t even tell you what happened because I still don’t know. She just started coughing and spluttering, like she wasn’t getting enough petrol through to the engine, going 70mph on the motorway, she just kept dramatically slowing down for no reason. To say it was scary was a bit of an understatement.

We pulled over not too sure what to do and whilst I paced back and forth and my passenger cracked open a leftover beer another car pulled up behind us. In this instance there was no doubt about it, he was our Everyday Hero! We were probably overly trusting looking back but we followed him to his house which he assured us was nearby and he tried to drive the car himself to work out the problem. Afterwards, he did some tinkering under the bonnet and away we went again! It could have been the start of a horror movie, sure, but this day we were lucky and the guy just genuinely wanted to help us out. The moral of the story? Not everyone is a murderer. The question though is, what sort of motorist are you?

The RAC are trying to find out with a quiz that you can find here.

Are you:

An Everyday Hero

You’re the real champion of the roadside: a modern-day white knight, saving the day for the broken-down and stranded. If only there were more drivers like you...

A Reserved Rescuer

In an emergency, you’ll step into some hero boots – but you’d rather stay safely behind the wheel. After all, you do have a life to lead.

A Drive-on byer

You cruise down the road and don’t care for interruptions. You’d rather drive on by than help road users in dire straits. In your car, time behind the wheel is about looking after Number One.

Why not take the test and find out. Really we would have done better just having some sort of RAC cover and looking back I think we did but we didn’t have the paperwork - this was well before the days of docs, reliable internet on phones and me being grown up enough to remember all this kind of stuff!

The RAC has been going yonks, first formed in 1897, it’s been looking after the needs of its members and championing the interests of drivers for more than 120 years!

The RAC is the motorist’s champion and campaigns to support the interests of its members

and UK drivers at a national level. This includes voicing concerns about the increasing cost of motoring, particularly the price of fuel and the high level of tax levied on it, advancing levels of road safety, and supporting the needs of all drivers, from young to old.

If you're looking for something interesting to decorate your tree with this year why not go with some celebrity names and words that rhyme with them? Two things are for sure - they will be a talking point and I doubt anyone else will have the same as you.

I just have to show you the full description because it's too funny -

What better than Drake with your Christmas cake? Or Zayne and a candy cane? These cute (?!) guy inspired Christmas decorations are just the thing for you or a mate that wants to date a celebrity!

Gush over your celebrity crush for these hilarious baubles have hunky sayings that’ll have you in high spirits and fits of giggles!

Cosy up this Christmas with these stunning gold backed baubles with a difference and ask the question - who’s your mate's must have man?

Who wouldn’t want Dicaprio under their mistletoe? Get the Celebrity Christmas Baubles – Set of 4 exclusive and just £24.99.

This Saturday, Last Nights of Havana, is offering hip-shaking salsa dance lessons with professional Cubana dancers. Guests will be able to ‘learn the basics’ before immersing themselves in the vibrant Cuban inspired pop-up.

At the heart of Cuban culture lies song and dance and a professional salsa dancer will lead a workshop before the evening’s live entertainment provided by musical jazz band Sambroso Sambroso. The dancer will then take to the floor with a solo show, encouraging guests to try out their new moves, while the nightly band pays homage to the soulful syncopation of Buena Vista Social Club. Sambroso Sambroso will play three 45 minute sets throughout the evening before it is rounded off by a rousing DJ set, designed to get everyone dancing.

Guests can quench thirsts with a variety of other tipples, such as the Cubata, consisting Bacardi Gold rum, lime juice, house cola, and for something with a little more punch the El Presidente #2, combines Westerhall 10 year rum stirred with Martini Rubino, bitters and a drop of house grenadine. The menu, designed by cocktail experts The Cocktail Trading Co will also feature zesty Mojitos, refreshing Daiquiris and heady Cuba Libres.

For those feeling peckish, Last Nights of Havana will also be serving up the finest Cuban street food. On offer will be grilled Cuban sandwiches where guests can choose between smoked ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and American mustard, or the Vegetarian option of roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese, rocket and pesto. Or for those simply wanting a light snack, they can try the mouth-watering Chicharrrones - Cuban pork scratchings, or some authentic Yuca frita con mojo cubano - fried cassava with cuban sauce and smoked paprika sea salt.

Tickets for Last Nights Of Havana are priced at £9 each and are available here. Ticket includes a membership card for repeated free access for the duration of the pop up. Groups of 5 or more are also eligible for a discounted ticket price and can email to arrange.

Calling all freelancers, hustlers, money makers and promotional warriors! Now is your time! We’ve just heard on the grapevine that a new website aimed at matching freelancers and small creative agencies with brands and companies is about to launch. PromoILO is it's name and we've heard it's taking on new freelancers ahead of a massive influx of new business.

The freelancing world can be tough, for the time you spend hunting down new clients, chasing down payments and setting up relationships you could have probably serviced an extra 5 people with wonderful work! We figure anything that makes it a little easier to find those sometimes elusive clients and jobs is relevant but something that makes it a WHOLE lot easier? Well…that’s something. But how about something that gives you $50 for the pleasure AND doesn’t take a commission on the work you pick up?

We’ll just give you a minute to pick up your jaw there… This is what it looks like-

Similar to other creative freelance websites like The Dots or Peopleperhour or YunoJuno it matches freelancers, mostly in the marketing and promotional fields with companies ready to spend the big bucks.

PromoILO however, is different in the sense that it’s linked directly to something called the ILO Exchange which means a lot of companies looking to promote their ILOs quickly and brilliantly. They are so certain of the amount of work available from this channel they are even committing to gifts of $50 for anyone that’s not got a job in the first three months after joining.

An ILO might be another concept you’re not yet aware of so to put it in a nutshell, it’s like a license that a company sells to up their awareness, raise capital and offer loyal customers royalty paybacks A proportion of any money raised through selling ILOs has to be spent on marketing and promotion, that’s the deal. And the site they come to to spend that money? PromoILO. So now you see the connection. Baring in mind an ILO can be for anything, products, companies, channels and more, there is a whole suite of marketing and promotional skills needed to push these companies and their products forward and that’s where you come in.

These ILO’s and PromoILO are all on the brink of launching with a wide-reaching and large collective of companies all in the wings ready to go. Each has a specific budget nibbed off to spend on promotion and marketing which my friends, is exactly why you want to get your little bottoms signed up there and signed up fast.

Shortly, we're told PromoILO will become a private platform making it far harder to join and meaning it will become a little black book of wonderful people like yourselves specifically put forward to ILO companies. You want your name in that book.

So – take advantage now and sign up whilst the doors are wide open. If you’re a marketer, copywriter, videographer, photographer, social expert, promotions strategist, PR, or any of the grey areas in between go take a look and go put your hat in the ring.

Find PromoILO’s $50 offer Ts & Cs here.

Red Hat is a well-known company that provides a number of products, such as operating
systems, virtualization, cloud-based solutions and storage. The company provides an open
technology package that you can apply according to your needs. It offers a wide variety of
certifications, based on the knowledge and skills necessary to work, implement and manage with
its products. Red Hat certifications are designed for system administrators, virtualization/cloud
administrators, application administrators, engineers, enterprise developers, etc.
To know more about Red Hat vendor and the certifications it offers, click the links below:

The RHCSA EX200 certification exam tests whether aspiring Linux system administrators have
the required knowledge and skills. In order to attain the RHCSA certificate, you must pass the
EX200 test. During it, you’ll be tested on all Red Hat foundational skills found in the company’s
products. Time is of importance when you decide to attempt this exam. Typically, you’ll have to
satisfy the requirement of sections such as lab practice and theory to be awarded this certificate.
Among the concepts you’ll be tested on, there are topics such as:

1. Software management
2. Troubleshooting
3. SE Linux
4. Networking
5. User access and privileges
6. Storage management
7. Auto mount
8. Remote file access systems

This is why you’re encouraged to review the exam objectives before you sit for the actual test.
Doing so will help you learn the key concepts of the RHCSA EX200 exam. This will ensure that
you understand the following topics:

 File operation using the Linux command line
 Invoke Red Hat Enterprise Linux help system
 Administer Linux local users and groups
 Perform required text file operations using Linux
 Set file and system access parameters

 Initiate, control,and monitor Linux processes
 Manage Linux daemons and services
 Install and configure OpenSSH services
 Read, understand, and maintain system logs
 Administer Red Hat networking services and processes
 Manage data sources within the Linux environment
 Install, configure, and update Linux software packages
 Create virtualized systems
 Conduct system performance reviews

You are given 150 minutes to complete this Red Hat exam, which has a minimum score of 210

4 Tips for a Dynamic Exam Preparation
This certification exam encompasses the overall skills required to administer Linux-based IT
resources. As such, expect to tackle questions that range from the entry-level to the progressive-
level Red Hat administration skills. Hence, you should plan and take due care when preparing for
it. Use the complete guide to ensure you’re fully and adequately prepared for Red HAT RHCSA
EX200 Exam.


Tip # 1: Understand the Objectives of the Exam
Knowing the objectives of the paper you're sitting for makes it easy to prepare and clear the
exam. Given that, you need to understand the significance of every topic of EX200 test you’ve
covered so far. As its objectives are straightforward, it will be easy for you to weigh themes
during your study period. What’s more, you’ll have access to exam elements such as passing
scores and time breaks among others. As a result, you should create a plan that revolves around
topics that are of greater significance in the exam.

Tip # 2: Attend Lab Sessions
In all of its courses, Red Hat prioritizes practical skills over theoretical knowledge. Its lab
sessions equip students with knowledge on how to solve typical problems helping the candidates
memorize key concepts effortlessly. You should have a functional Red Hat system to simplify the
learning process as well as your practice sessions. To top that, Red Hat offers downloadable
practice sessions, video tutorials, and exam walkthroughs. Use these resources to accelerate
learning no matter where you are located. Plus, you can use these labs for revising right before
you sit for the exam.

Tip # 3: Use Your Study Materials Properly
Red Hat provides a 52-pagePDF paper that outlines the goals of the RedHat RHCSA EX200 test.
In it, you’ll find useful information regarding PC repair and management skills. This means that you have access to contextually relevant material for acing this exam successfully. Besides,
course modules and minor details are explained sufficiently. This ensures that you can wade
through theoretical parts of the exam with confidence. Subsequently, ensure that you are well-
versed with all study materials and topics before you attempt this test.

Tip # 4: Leverage Early Question Papers
Use the previous EX200 question papers to hone your exam sitting skills. Besides, past papers
are an excellent way of simulating the actual exam. You can obtain these resources from vendors
such as Boson, PrepAway, and Transcender. Also, the web is an excellent repository of sample
Q&A practice sets, exam guides, and other materials. In doing so, you’ll gain valuable insights
into the exam structure and question answering approach. Keep in mind that by tackling difficult
past papers, you increase your chances of passing this exam in one sitting.
Important Exam Resources for EX200 Test

 Red Hat RHCSA/RHCE 7 Cert Guide
This Pearson certification guide covers core Red Hat Linux Enterprise topics. It has two parts:
RHCSA and RHCE. In Part I (RHCSA), you’ll cover basic system management concepts, Linux
operating system principles, advanced system management skills, and network management
while Part II (RHCE) covers Linux system configuration and system security.
 Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Exam PrepAway Video Workshop
The Red Hat PrepAway Workshop contains hours of video training covering typical difficulties,
pitfalls, and exam traps. Also, it has a completely worked-out EX200 exam to familiarize the
candidates with the environment of an actual test. In it, you’ll find helpful insights into the
structure of EX200 exam, suggestions on how to track time, solve a problem when you get stuck,
and how to answer exam questions.
 RHCSA/RHCE Webcasts
In this resource, you’ll find over eight hours of video courses that address core RHCSA/RHCE
certification topics. It targets Red Hat professionals in all skill levels. It contains interactive
videos, exam questions, quizzes, and exercises for testing your knowledge.
Best Websites for the RCHSA Exam
This is a members-only portal that offers learning and exam preparation material for the
candidates sitting for RCHSA EX200 exam. At you will find useful material in
all of the Red Hat certification programs. What’s more, all the resources found here are up-to-
date with the latest industry standards and practices.
The Pearson Red Hat resource center is the go-to web portal for a majority of candidates
attempting RCHSA EX200 exam. This site is renowned globally for its high-quality instruction guides in various IT certifications. Its Red Hat resource center is among the most diverse on the
web as it is stocked with exhaustive titles for anyone seeking to get Red Hat certified.
 Red Hat Training Materials
Red Hat Training Materials is more like an online library. Resources found here tackle the most
basic to the most complex Red Hat Linux subjects. In addition to that, in its download section,
you can find resources that guide you how to setup a virtual lab for use in training or for
simulating actual operational parameters.

Personal Experience
Passing RCHSA EX200 exam isn’t hard if you are sufficiently prepared. We believe that most
people fail this test because they think they already know everything, but actually, they don’t. For
those who think that the Red Hat official resources are expensive, we suggest using materials
from sites like,, By doing so, you’ll avoid
walking out of the exam room feeling depressed because you didn't complete a section of the