It’s every girl’s dream to open her wardrobe doors and find a rail of beautiful clothes that she can throw on in any combination and look effortlessly chic. So when we heard that new start-up P.i.C had created an eight-piece capsule wardrobe that promised exactly that, we just had to go and see it for ourselves.


Amidst Icelandic vodka and Pronto pots in De Beauvoir Town, P.i.C founders Rhoda and Sarah debuted their capsule collection. Each piece was elegant and timeless, made in soft, textured fabrics in a palette of ivory, grey, black and blue, and each was fully interchangeable – the De Beau cami could be paired with everything from the structured trousers to the miniskirt.

Dalston Peg Trs
London Miniskirt

The whole collection exuded quality, from the designs to the fabrics, which is no surprise; each item has been consciously designed and made just around the corner in a North London factory. The girls pride themselves on only using materials that are locally-sourced, sustainable or organic, rebelling against the mass-production industry to engage with the slow fashion movement.


Seeing the clothes not only in person but also on real-life people really cemented the versatility and functionality of the P.i.C wardrobe – not only do these pieces look good on paper, but they also perform in day to day life. Eight items doesn’t seem like much, but the way in which they have been curated provides enough outfits to suit any occasion. The best part is, all the styles are available to order now either individually or as the complete set, so you can pick and choose to fill gaps in your wardrobe – we might well be buying the whole lot!



Hear more about Rhoda and Sarah and their unique vision over on their Inidiegogo campaign page, where you can also see each piece and get involved yourself.


Words: Katharine Bennett | @misskatebennett

Images: Eloise Peachey |